July 24 Prayer requests for the Roma Decade of the Book Summer Project

2008_HR Bayash Roma 063

Thanks so much for lifting up your prayers to the Lord for this.


  1. Thanks to God that Curtis is here, settled and has begun to prepare with Jeannot and Julianna for the work and the meeting of the team.


  1. Pray for Amy as she does her last minute preparation, packing and settling of her heart before the Lord in making her way to arrive to Hungary and begin to meet the team and prepare as well for her 5 weeks of work and ministry.


  1. Pray for the final purchases here in Hungary to make ready the displays and the song cards and other ‘materials’  for the project programs. Also pray for Nina as she does the same over in Croatia in preparation for the children’s program craft workshop.


  1. Pray for the pastors this week as they prepare spiritually and physically for the visits of the team. There is much prep on their end to get ready for each visit. Team members will be staying in the homes of Roma families. Pray for these families.


  1. Pray that the Satan will be cast down in the minds and hearts of each and every team member for the attack is great and the warfare relentless. Pray for an attitude of ceaseless prayer in the hearts of the team members now and during the project.


Thank you for taking this time to pray each day. Preparation for a project like this is the easiest of the tasks. It is the casting down of strongholds through prayer that will move all the preparation out of the physical and emotional into the spiritual realm and see lives transformed for the King and the Kingdom.


Bless you

Nancy Hitching