Our daily prayer calendar for September 2021

To download this prayer list in a calendar format for printing, click below: September 1 Pray that COVID travel restrictions into Croatia, Serbia & the US will not hinder our entry or travel over the next two weeks September 2 Pray we can get all the audio recordings of Luke & the Bible stories inContinue reading “Our daily prayer calendar for September 2021”

Prayer needs for Scripture distribution in September

I plan to be in Serbia and Croatia September 5-17. The goal of the trip is two-fold: We have completed the Gospel of Luke and 50 Stories from the Bible (along with a glossary explaining important terms) in four Roma languages. We will print these and distribute them in the four languages in over aContinue reading “Prayer needs for Scripture distribution in September”

Pam’s dad, Malcolm Hughes

From Pamala: Yesterday morning, around 8 a.m., July 6, 2021, my daddy, Malcolm Hughes, went home to be with Jesus. Hospitalized just the night before, he was taken to the hospital from his memory care center and diagnosed with a UTI. I’m so thankful Mom could visit him, along with one of my very helpfulContinue reading “Pam’s dad, Malcolm Hughes”

Update on Todd’s mom & Pam’s surgery; Bible translation progress

Thank you all so much for your faithful prayers. What an encouragement to know that you all are standing with us and holding us up before the throne of grace! Mom is doing well in the nursing home and has adjusted extremely well. We were able to be with her on Mother’s Day which isContinue reading “Update on Todd’s mom & Pam’s surgery; Bible translation progress”

Pam’s surgery recovery; checking Luke in Ludari and Jeremiah in Eastern Slovakian Roma

Thank you for praying for Pamala’s hysterectomy recovery. While she still needs to rest and take it easy, everything is going extremely well. We thank the Lord that there were no complications and that healing is moving along well! We’re also grateful for the wonderful meals brought over and restaurant gift cards during her convalescence.Continue reading “Pam’s surgery recovery; checking Luke in Ludari and Jeremiah in Eastern Slovakian Roma”

Team work & prayer for more workers

This week I had the privilege of observing a workshop (via Zoom) and learning from another mission as they checked the first half of the book of Jeremiah in a different Roma language spoken in another Easter European country. It is thrilling to see that, once they finish this and two more Old Testament propheticContinue reading “Team work & prayer for more workers”

Pam’s surgery postponed until April 1

Well, Pamala’s surgery has been postponed until April 1. Please pray that she can have the surgery on that date without another delay. Please continue to pray for my mom, Geri Price. I spoke with my sister today, and Mom is doing well, but because of the big snowstorm in OKC they have no waterContinue reading “Pam’s surgery postponed until April 1”

Our daily prayer calendar (February 2021)

Click below to download this prayer list formatted as a monthly calendar, suitable for printing out: February 1 Pray for us as we edit the Gurbet language translation of Luke chapters 21-24 this week, for wisdom & God’s guidance February 2 Pray that this week we can complete the consultant check for the rest ofContinue reading “Our daily prayer calendar (February 2021)”

Our daily prayer calendar for January 2021

Here you can download this list formatted as a calendar for printing: January 1 Pray that in 2021 we can complete translation, printing & audio recording of Luke & 50 Bible stories in 5 Roma languages January 2 Praise God for generous donors providing our financial support in 2020! January 3 Pray we can successfullyContinue reading “Our daily prayer calendar for January 2021”