Our daily prayer calendar for May 2021

I lift my hands to you in prayer.
I thirst for you as parched land thirsts for rain.
(Ps. 143:6 NLT)

Click to download this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing out:

May 1 Pray we can get a lot of mom & dad’s unneeded belongings out of the house this weekend in time for free pickup by the city

May 2 Pray for wisdom as we & our translation consultant check Luke chapters 9-16 this week & next

May 3 Praise God for providing an opening for Todd’s mom at a nursing home in Oklahoma City & for her successful move there

May 4 Pray Todd’s mom will get approved for Medicare ASAP to cover her nursing home stay

May 5 Praise God for our church’s great kids’ programs (tonight is last one this semester) & for friends Ariela has made there

May 6 Pray we can quickly sell, donate or store the remaining things at Todd’s mom’s house since she has now moved out

May 7 Praise God for good recovery for Pamala from surgery; pray for continued healing.

May 8 Pray the team can successfully make audio recording of 50 Bible stories in the Bayash language

May 9 Pray for a meaningful Mother’s Day for Pam’s mom in TX, for Pam, and for Todd’s mom in OKC as we visit her today

May 10 Pray for Arli language Bible translator as he works on checking spelling, glossary, biblical key terms in Luke, & translates Gospel of John

May 11 Pray for a full-time job for Matthew in UX (user experience), preferably in Kansas City or Atlanta

May 12 Pray our insurance will approve an electronic prosthetic arm for Matthew & that he can be fitted with it soon

May 13 Pray for team to finish recording 50 Bible stories in the Chergash language & checking spelling & key biblical terms in Gospel of Luke

May 14 Pray for safety as we travel to Wisconsin for our nephew’s wedding today through Sunday. Praise for a family reunion during this time!

May 15 Pray the team can make good progress testing Luke in Ludari with other speakers & doing the next edit of the draft of Luke

May 16 Thank God for providing for us & the Bible translation ministry financially each month & for your part in it!

May 17 Pray for continued stamina for Kirsten as she is taking summer college classes & for her to learn well & grow spiritually through it

May 18 Pray for wisdom & health for Sergej as he helps the team in checking, editing & formatting Gospel of Luke in the Ludari language

May 19 Pray for spiritual & emotional strength for Elizabeth & Stephen as they help others through their careers

May 20 Pray for time & success reading & taking other training needed for Todd to get credentialed as a Bible translation consultant

May 21 Pray for healing or kidney transplant for Bayash translator, Nedeljko, & God’s provision for his family financially

May 22 Pray for a great time with Jonathan visiting us from San Francisco today through 5/30, for God’s Spirit to work powerfully during our time

May 23 Pray for refreshment & edification today & each Lord’s day for us & our children

May 24 Pray for good health, stamina & financial support for teammate Joy Hill in Hungary doing formatting of Bible translation projects

May 25 Pray the team can finish checking glossary & key biblical terms in Gospel of Luke in the Gurbet language

May 26 Praise for new glasses for Daniel which are helping with his headaches & with reading challenges

May 27 Today is our 32nd wedding anniversary! Pray for a continued strong marriage which will bring much glory to God.

May 28 Pray for Matthew to grow in trust in Christ & for emotional healing from the accident & arm loss

May 29 Pray for Daniel & Ariela performing in Peter Pan Jr. musical with their home school co-op

May 30 Praise for Timothy’s helpfulness moving Todd’s mom’s furniture to the nursing home last month

May 31 Pray for Sasha & Goran to have wisdom in their roles in the Bible translation projects in Croatia & Serbia

Mom doing well in nursing home; Pam’s recovery going well; visiting OKC

Mom eating lunch in her room at the nursing home

Thank you all so much for praying for my (Todd’s) mom. God answered prayer quickly and we were able to move her into a nursing home in Oklahoma City in mid-April. This facility had just reopened under new management and she was the very first resident. The staff threw a party to welcome her and she felt very loved. It was a great answer to prayer that she was awake and strong enough that day to make the move.

My sister and aunt did a great job setting up her nursing home room with pictures and decorations from home, and Timothy and I moved in some of her furniture so she would feel at home.

Ariela (9) on a tree stump at Todd’s mom’s house in OKC

Now we are traveling frequently to Oklahoma City to visit her and to help my sister get everything moved out of their house. Please pray for this huge job of sorting, donating, selling and storing their things from decades living in that house!

Pamala is doing very well with her surgery recovery and we are so thankful for that, especially that she even has energy and strength to travel to OKC and work hard sorting things at mom’s house. She is still wisely taking it easy and resting as needed.

Another praise is that we are able to rent the house in Independence, MO, for an additional year at the lower monthly rent we had negotiated when we first moved in. By paying a year up front, we save a lot on rent. We think it wise to remain in the States, as we had previously planned, for at least another year. Matthew is doing well and making plans to move out to live on his own or with a friend within a year. Kirsten is doing very well with her classes at Calvary University and is on track to get an associate of arts degree by summer of 2022, when she will also graduate from high school.

Checking Luke 8 in Ludari via Zoom with our Bible translation consultant

Thankfully, using Zoom and Skype, I am able to continue the same Bible translation work I was doing when we still lived in Croatia. We are currently in the midst of the following projects: checking and editing the Gospel of Luke in the Ludari language (with 12 chapters mostly done and 12 chapters to go); editing the glossary for the Gospel of Luke and making audio recordings of the Gospel of Luke and 50 Bible stories in the four other Roma languages (Arli, Bayash, Chergash and Gurbet).

As we prepare to move into stage two of the Bible translation project, which is the remainder of the New Testament in all five Roma languages, I am receiving training to move up from project coordinator of the projects, to translation consultant. Part of that process is working with The Word for the World to observe (and advise) on their translation of Jeremiah and Lamentations in a related Roma language spoken in Slovakia. Additionally, I’m doing more reading on Bible translation theory and practice.

Fun, free outing at the KC zoo

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and financial support!

Todd & Pamala Price (Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel, Ariela)

Pam’s surgery recovery; checking Luke in Ludari and Jeremiah in Eastern Slovakian Roma

He is risen! It was wonderful to celebrate Easter here in the States this year.
You’re never too old for a chocolate, peanut-butter-filled Easter bunny (duly hidden in the backyard by dad).

Thank you for praying for Pamala’s hysterectomy recovery. While she still needs to rest and take it easy, everything is going extremely well. We thank the Lord that there were no complications and that healing is moving along well! We’re also grateful for the wonderful meals brought over and restaurant gift cards during her convalescence. Please pray for safety and complete healing, especially as we need to take a few unexpected road trips to help clear out Todd’s mom’s house in Oklahoma City.

Daniel (13) has become quite the skilled knife maker. He has made several and here is his most recent handmade creation!
Two cute Easter bunnies! (Ariela 9, Elizabeth 26)

This week, I (Todd) am meeting via Zoom with our Bible translation consultant and the translators in Croatia, as we check and edit each verse in Luke in the Ludari language, currently in chapter 8. Please pray for God’s Spirit to work in and through us to produce a clear and accurate translation, without mistakes and in wording that communicates well to the Ludari Roma who live in Croatia and beyond.

As part of my training to become a Bible translation consultant myself, in preparation for phase 2 of our Roma Bible translation projects, for the next two weeks I am observing the team with The Word for the World as they check and edit Jeremiah in the Eastern Slovakian Roma language, currently working in chapter 31. These are early morning meetings for me, since I’m in the US but the others are in Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thank God for the wonders of Zoom and Skype! Please pray for stamina for the team, and for an accurate, natural-sounding and clearly understandable translation of Jeremiah for the Roma who live in eastern Slovakia.

Thank you for your prayers and kind financial support so we can serve by helping get God’s Word translated into these half dozen languages spoken by Roma in central and eastern Europe.

To God be the glory!


New home for Todd’s mom

Todd’s Mom moving into her new room at the nursing home in Oklahoma City

Thank you so much for your prayers for God to provide an opening at a nursing home so that my (Todd’s) mom could move in. He answered more quickly than we had expected and we moved her last week! A nursing home in Oklahoma City just re-opened under new management and my mom was the very first resident to move in.

Thanks to my sister, Tracey, for all her work finding the facility and setting up the room. Timothy and I took a quick trip to Oklahoma City to get her moved in.

Timothy was a big help moving furniture to Mom’s new place
They welcomed her, the one and only resident, with open arms, cake and ice cream!

We are so grateful that Mom was feeling well the day we needed to move her and that she took the move very well. We would appreciate prayer for her that she will adjust well to the nursing home and not feel confused or lonely, and that she will quickly get approved for Medicaid to pay for the nursing home since she is currently paying out of pocket.

Please pray also for Tracey, Pamala and me, as we will be selling things from the house and getting it ready to return to the bank, as soon as possible. We will be in Oklahoma City soon to begin the process of clearing, selling, donating, storing and disposing of things from the house. Please pray for stamina for this work and much wisdom in the 100s of decisions.

(Also, if you live in Oklahoma City and would like to visit Mom, please message me directly and I will send you her address.)

Thank you for your prayers.



How do you say “parents” in that language? (The Prices Write, April 2021)

Todd visiting with his Mom at her home in Oklahoma City

Thank you for your prayers. We are so thankful that Pamala’s hysterectomy went well, and we ask you to pray for safety and quick healing over the next few weeks as she recovers.

Before Pam’s surgery, I (Todd) was been able to spend time with my mom in Oklahoma City. She has Parkinson’s and dementia, and my dad, who was her main caretaker passed away last month, so she needs someone to be with her all the time. Please pray that we can find a nursing home for her soon, and that she will be approved by Medicare to cover the costs. We are thankful that, in God’s providential wisdom, we can be here in the States during this time of my dad’s death and my mom’s declining health.

Pam and the kids also visited Mom with me, and while in Oklahoma City, we enjoyed time at the park (see picture of Ariela) and at the lake (see picture of Daniel).

Daniel and Ariela are really enjoying their weekly homeschool coop, and they each made a pie for math class on pi day, 3/14.

The following week we enjoyed celebrating Jonathan’s 29th birthday (over video chat) and Daniel’s 13th birthday (with friends at a park in Kansas City).

Thank you all for your prayers for us. I recently read an excellent book on prayer that I would recommend to all of you, Praying: Finding Our Way through Duty to Delight, by J.I. Packer and Carolyn Nystrom.

Speaking of books, a new book on the Bayash (also called Boyash), one of the Roma groups for whom we are translating the Bible, was recently published. It contains a chapter I wrote exploring the impact that the Croatian language has had on the Bayash (Roma) language, and what effect that has on Bible translation (see here for more info).

For example, Bayash does not have a large number of kinship terms, They have terms for “brother”, “sister”, “son”, “daughter”, “husband”, and “wife”, for example, but don’t have terms for “brother-in-law”, “sister-in-law”, “aunt”, “grandmother”, “male cousin” and “female cousin”, so for those they use Croatian words. Interestingly, there is no word in Bayash for “parents”, so if we want to use only Bayash words in a Bible passage, we have to say “father and mother”, but if we want to use the term “parents” in the Bible translation, we have to use the Croatian word.

There are many similar areas where we have to make decisions when to use a Bayash (Roma) word in the Bible translation, and when to use Croatian. As always, we ask for your prayers for wisdom as we deal with these and other issues as we seek to give the Word of God to the Roma in a language they understand best.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support,

Todd & Pamala Price (Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel, Ariela)

Our daily prayer calendar for April 2021

Hear my prayer, O LORD;
listen to my plea!
Answer me
because you are faithful and righteous.
(Ps. 143:1 NLT)

(To get this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing, download here:)

April 1 Praise God for successful hysterectomy for Pamala today. Pray for post-op safety and quick healing.

April 2 Praise Jesus for giving himself as the Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world. Pray that many Roma will receive him.

April 3 Several of our colleagues in Croatia (Roma, Croat & American) are sick with COVID. Pray for quick & full recovery for them.

April 4 Christ the Lord is risen today! Pray that many Roma will come to know him in the power of his resurrection.

April 5 Pray for continued healing for Pam from surgery, for quick recovery & no complications

April 6 Pray for healing or kidney transplant for Bayash translator, Nedeljko, & God’s provision for his family financially

April 7 Pray for provision of full-time care for Todd’s mom at a nursing home facility in Oklahoma City & for Medicare to cover the costs

April 8 Pray for Matthew to grow in trust in Christ & for emotional healing from the accident & arm loss

April 9 Pray for Daniel’s eye therapy to improve his dyslexia & headaches

April 10 Pray that Jonathan would be in good health & that it would be well with his soul (3 John 1:2, NET)

April 11 Thank God for providing for us & the ministry financially each month & for your part in it!

April 12 Pray we can finish checking important terms in Luke & make the needed glossary in the Arli language

April 13 Pray for encouragement & joy, good friends, spiritual growth, job openings & health insurance coverage for Timothy

April 14 Pray our insurance will approve an electronic prosthetic arm for Matthew & that he can be fitted with it soon

April 15 Pray for completion of accurate, high quality audio recordings of Luke & 50 Bible stories in Bayash, delayed by translators’ health problems

April 16 Pray for Elizabeth & Stephen’s high stress work in the inner city, for protection physically, emotionally & spiritually

April 17 Pray we can finish checking important terms in Luke & make the needed glossary in the Chergash language

April 18 Pray Kirsten will blossom spiritually, especially through her studies at Calvary University & in family devotions

April 19 Pray for the team checking Jeremiah 27-52 in Eastern Slovakian Roma language over the next 2 weeks, for accuracy & clarity

April 20 Pray for Todd joining the consultant check of Jeremiah early mornings the next 2 weeks due to the time difference from Europe

April 21 Pray Todd can be a blessing to the consultant checks of Jeremiah & for him to complete the required training to become a consultant

April 22 Pray for time & success reading & taking other training needed for Todd to get credentialed as a Bible translation consultant

April 23 Pray we can finish checking important terms in Luke & make the needed glossary in the Gurbet language

April 24 Praise for good friends, home school co-op & church group for Ariela; pray for continued spiritual growth & learning

April 25 Pray for refreshment & edification today & each Lord’s day for us & our children

April 26 Pray for Joy Hill as she works on formatting & punctuation of Bible in 5 Roma languages

April 27 Pray for accuracy & clarity as we translate Luke chapters 8-12 in the Ludari language

April 28 Pray for wisdom & efficiency for Sergej helping the translators check Luke in Ludari in the Roma village

April 29 Pray for wisdom for those setting up infrastructure & funding for next phase of our Bible translations

April 30 Pray for more Roma Bible translators & for setting up long-term program to train them for completion of Bible translation

Team work & prayer for more workers

This week I had the privilege of observing a workshop (via Zoom) and learning from another mission as they checked the first half of the book of Jeremiah in a different Roma language spoken in another Easter European country. It is thrilling to see that, once they finish this and two more Old Testament prophetic books, they will be done with the complete Bible in that language. This is a major milestone, since the Bible is a big book, with over 31,000 verses!

Checking the Gospel of Luke in the Ludari (Roma) language

For the past four years, we have been working on translating Bible stories and the Gospel of Luke in five other Roma languages and we are thrilled that we are getting close to finishing. However, it is a daunting task to realize that we still have 65 out of 66 books of the Bible to go (times five, since we are doing it in five languages, and thus 325 more books to go).

I feel like I live under constant stress because of the enormity of the task set before me and our Roma translators. However, we are not alone. Yes, the Lord is with us, but he often chooses to use other members of the Body of Christ to provide the help we need. For that reason, it is so encouraging to learn from this other mission and team who have nearly finished the race of completing the translation of an entire Bible.

This mission organization and team have graciously offered to join forces with us, after they finish their translation later this year, to work together to make faster progress with our five Bible translations. As part of that process, they are also including me in their special training to become a Bible translation consultant so I can serve our translation projects in that capacity.

Also, today I was asked by our mission, Pioneers, for feedback asking what would help me and my team more effectively accomplish our goals of Bible translation. After I wrote my answer to them, it dawned on me that I should share this with you all and ask you to pray for these needs.

Below are two background questions to put this in its proper setting, followed by prayer requests, which I would love for you all to pray for.

  1. If someone asked me why I am serving the people group I’m serving, what would be my answer? Because many Roma (Gypsies) still do not yet have the Bible in their language and they are a despised and outcast group.
  1. If someone asked me why I am serving in Croatia and Serbia (and other parts of former Yugoslavia), what would my answer be? Because there are tens of thousands of Roma in these countries who do not yet have the Bible in their mother tongue (heart language).
  1. Do we need more missionaries or national Christians to reach these people groups? Yes, we need many more workers. Please pray that the Lord of the harvest will provide the following, according to His will, for Bible translation ministry in these five Roma languages:
    • Roma who will become new Bible translators
    • Literacy workers to teach Roma to read in their languages
    • Scripture Engagement workers, by which I mean those who can lead home Bible studies and do one-on-one or small group discipleship using the Bible translations we are currently producing, and teach Roma to have individual and family devotions.
    • Those who can make audio recordings of the Bible and put the text and audio online.
    • “Marketing” people and media and distribution specialists, who can get the Bible translations out there among the people, teaching them how to use the Bible in their own lives, and interacting in person and digitally with those who use the  Bible through digital tools. This is a huge need, since a translated Bible is useless if no one listens to or reads it.
    • Social media gurus and YouTubers who can get these translated verses to as many Roma as possible.

So, please pray that the Lord will, according to his wisdom, provide these needed workers for the harvest. Please also pray for a smooth and fruitful path as this other Bible translation mission sets up the infrastructure, logistics, training and finances to move our Bible translation projects forward toward faster completion.

Answer to prayer for insurance payment; prayer requests for other needs; praise for a great birthday celebration

For many months I have been watching for the charges for Matthew’s hospital stays after his accident, waiting to see how things would turn out regarding insurance payments and what we would be responsible for out of pocket. The hospital where Matthew had his longest stay had listed $0 as the amount we owed, but with a note saying that there were charges we might be responsible for, totaling $150,000. Yikes! I had been watching that account online, and we had been praying for a long time.

Last week I saw that our insurance had paid $147,000 of that! Hallelujah! What a huge answer to prayer. We are thankful for your prayers and for such good insurance through Pioneers. Praise God for his kindness shown to us in this way!

We’d appreciate pray for some related things:

  1. Pray for the bills from the other hospital, that those can be settled very soon in a favorable way since there are still outstanding charges being negotiated.
  2. The request for an electronic prosthetic arm for Matthew has been denied three times, and in a few days a fourth and final decision will be made by the insurance. Please pray that we can get it approved and get Matthew fitted for it as soon as possible. It has been over a year since his amputation.
  3. I (Todd) am in Oklahoma City with my mom for a couple weeks while Pamala and the kids are home in Kansas City. Please pray that we will be able to get my mom into a nursing home facility very soon, one that works with Parkinson’s patients and accepts Medicaid, and that she will be approved for Medicaid ASAP.

A week ago we celebrated Pam’s birthday. It was great to have all the kids at our place for supper, and even Jonathan joining us by video chat from San Francisco.

The birthday girls, enjoying a coffee date out with a friend. Elizabeth’s birthday was March 1 and Pam’s March 2
A beautiful rose for my beautiful rose!
Ariela made breakfast for Pam’s birthday