“Oh for a 1,000 … languages to tell my great Redeemer’s praise”; Slovakia report part 1

I’ve enjoyed the beautiful scenery of mountains and forests in Slovakia

I am on day 9 of my 11-day trip to Slovakia. Thank you for praying for me. The Lord has graciously answered so many prayer requests, including the following:

I’ve had safety on all my flights and transport to the two different venues;

my luggage made it safely;

I have remained healthy;

I was exhausted when I arrived since I didn’t sleep much on the flights over, but I have slept well in Slovakia;

Pamala and the children are doing well back home in Belton, MO;

she and her sister and brother-in-law got her mom moved back into her apartment after the apartment owners replaced the flooring which was damaged from the flooding–we’re glad that’s over with!;

I was able to finish grading the Bible translators’ assignments from their previous classes before these new classes started, and I finished (just barely!) preparing the lectures in time for each of the class sessions I taught.

At the venue where we held the Bible translation conference in Slovakia

The conference with staff from The Word for the World Bible Translators was excellent. Pam and I are missionaries with Pioneers; we have been for 30 years and will continue to do so. But we also work in close cooperation with other mission organizations, especially those who specialize in Bible translation work. And it is with great joy that I can announce that I have now been credentialed and recognized by The Word for the World (TWFTW) as an international Bible translation consultant. This means that I am now qualified to be the sole consultant for any Bible translation that they are working on worldwide (assuming we can use a language I know as the medium of communication). Currently I am the consultant for three Bible translation projects, those in the Arli, Chergash and Gurbet languages for Roma from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The CEO of The Word for the World International

If you’ve heard me speak before, you may have heard me mention that there are hundreds of languages in the world which still need a Bible translation. The Word for the World (TWFTW) Bible Translators has a very ambitious and faith-filled vision to help meet this goal. Their vision is to be “instrumental in completing first-time translations of the entire Bible in 1,000 languages by 2050“!

It was fascinating to hear the CEO of TWFTW recount the 40+ year history of the organization, recounting miracles that God has done along the way and sharing the vision of what we pray he will do in the future.

Perhaps it can be summed up best by these two quotes he shared:

“Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.” (William Carey)

“All God’s giants have been weak men who did great things for God because they reckoned on God being with them.” (Hudson Taylor)

Thank you for your continued prayers for me. I have another day and a half of teaching sociolinguistics to the Roma Bible translators and then I return home to the US on Saturday. Please pray for good teaching and good learning for all, and for safety and rest on my return flights from Slovakia through Austria and New York, back to Kansas City.


group meal with TWFTW translators

Flying to Slovakia tomorrow, prayers appreciated!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning I leave for an 11-day trip to Slovakia. I’ll be meeting with the Roma Bible translators and staff from The Word for The World Bible Translators for a conference, and then teaching the translators a week of classes on sociolinguistics. I’d appreciate pray for the following:

  1. Please pray for a safe trip to and from Slovakia, that I will be able to sleep on the overnight flight, that my luggage will make it, and that I will be healthy while I’m there.
  2. Pray for me as I teach sociolinguistics in Serbian to the Roma Bible translators, that I would be able to explain concepts well and that the translators will learn much that will help them in their translation work.
  3. I’m not yet ready for my class and would appreciate prayer: a) that I can finish the lecture notes and PowerPoint in time for Monday when the class begins; b) that I can finish grading the assignments for two other classes that the Roma Bible translators have already taken (Process of Bible Translation, and part 1 of Principles of Bible Translation) before the new classes begin.
  4. Pray for Pamala and the kids while I’m gone. Please pray for a good start to the home school year for Pam, Daniel and Ariela. Pray for health for them and for the cars and household items not to break down while I’m gone!
  5. As mentioned before, Pam’s mom’s apartment in Belton was flooded and we had to move everything out. Please pray the apartment owners can get the flooring replaced, and that Pam, her sister, her brother-in-law and her mom, can get everything moved back into the apartment soon.

Thank you for your prayers! Here are a few pictures of the fam:

Pam and her mom, Barbie Hughes, celebrating Pam’s sister Kim’s birthday
Last swim of the year: Ariela (11) with neighbor friend at our other neighbor’s pool
Ariela started piano lessons!

Our daily prayer calendar for September 2022

For this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing out, click download below:

September 1 Pray for Todd as he prepares to preach this Sunday, for God’s guidance, insight, wisdom & power

September 2 Pray for Todd as he prepares class lectures for teaching Sociolinguistics in Serbo-Croatian in Slovakia

September 3 Pray as Pam’s mom’s apartment flooded that we can get things moved & that they will reimburse her for all damages

September 4 Pray for Todd preaching at CrossWay Bible Church, Blue Springs, MO, this morning, for God to be glorified & His saints edified

September 5 Pray for fruitful men’s Bible study for Todd & Daniel attending monthly at the home of one of our elders

September 6 Pray for wisdom for Todd grading Bible translation course assignments from Roma translators

September 7 Pray as Todd flies to Slovakia today (KC-New York-Vienna-Košice, Slovakia) for safety & good rest in transit

September 8 Pray for Todd to quickly get over jet lag & for a very fruitful 3-day conference with the Roma Bible translators

September 9 Pray for Roma in Sisak, Croatia, to listen to & read Luke & 50 Bible stories which they recently received in their language

September 10 Pray for fruitfulness & diligence for home schooling & for Wednesday classes for Daniel & Ariela, & for Pam as she teaches

September 11 Pray for Pam’s ministry of helping lead Ariela’s group at American Heritage Girls this school year

September 12 Pray for Todd all this week as he teaches Sociolinguistics in Serbo-Croatia to the Roma Bible translators in Slovakia

September 13 Pray the translators would learn much in their 2 classes in Sociolinguistics & Bible translation principles

September 14 Pray that God will draw to Himself each of our children who need salvation, as well as their friends

September 15 Pray for a growing desire to know God more & worship in person with other believers for our kids who are believers

September 16 Pray for Pam as she prepares & then serves on worship team & teaching youth girls’ Sunday school this weekend

September 17 Pray for Todd flying home from Slovakia for safety, rest on the flights & luggage to arrive safely

September 18 Pray for good rest for Todd & to get over jet lag quickly

September 19 Pray for the Arli, Gurbet & Chergash teams as they edit their translations of Matthew, 1-2 Timothy & Titus

September 20 Pray that our children (both adults & younger ones) will love & read God’s Word & take it seriously

September 21 Today is Todd’s 56th birthday. Pray for the joy of the Lord to be his strength every day!

September 22 Pray for Todd & the Gurbet translators for clarity & accuracy as we work together translating Matthew 21-28

September 23 Praise God for our generous monthly financial supporters! Pray God will bless & provide for them abundantly.

September 24 Pray Todd can be a blessing to his mom as he visits her at her OKC nursing home this weekend

September 25 Pray for us as a family to enjoy & be edified through our family devotions & good Bible teaching & sermons

September 26 Pray for wisdom for Todd as he checks the translations of Matthew 21-28 in Arli, Chergash & Gurbet

September 27 Pray for Todd & the Arli translators for clarity & accuracy as we work together translating Matthew 21-28

September 28 Pray for Todd & Pam preparing & teaching Bible studies at our church on Wednesdays in the Fall

September 29 Pray for Todd & the Chergash translators for clarity & accuracy as we work together translating Matthew 21-28

September 30 Pray that our monthly financial support will remain at our current level of full support. Praise God for providing all we need!

What is the “therefore” there for? Who’s got talents? (Lost [and found] in translation; installment #8)

We’ve recently had the privilege of speaking at a few of the churches which support our ministry financially. It has been a joy to catch up with those we haven’t seen for several years, be able to preach the Word, and give an in-person update on our family and the progress of our Bible translation work. If you would like us to speak at your church or Bible study group, please contact us. We’re happy to share what God is doing among the Roma (Gypsies) of former Yugoslavia through the ministry of Bible translation.

On these trips there are sometimes unexpected little treats that come up. One was that we were able to tour the factory where Steinway pianos are rebuilt, in Walker, IA, run by one of our prayer partners. Here are Ariela (11) and Daniel (14) with the owner when he gave us a special tour.

On one of the trips we were able to visit Todd’s mom (pictured above) at her nursing home in Oklahoma City. We were grateful that she was very perky and we had some wonderful interaction. Recently, though, she tested positive for COVID so had to move to isolation and Todd wasn’t able to go down to visit her.

The Bible translation work is progressing very well. So far this quarter we have checked and approved 1,031 verses in the Gospel of Matthew chapters 10-20, in three Roma languages (Arli, Chergash, and Gurbet) during our 18 consultation sessions over Zoom. (Pictured above is Goran of the Gurbet translation team). Pray that we can reach our quota of finishing 1,500 verses this quarter (by the end of September).

hoard of Roman coins from 54-160 AD © http://www.bibleplaces.com

Little words are often significant. Not long ago, we translated the parable of the unforgiving servant (Matthew 18:23-35). It begins with a word that can mean “therefore” or “for this reason”. But what that means is not at all clear at first glance; what is the “therefore” there for?

If you look at the context, you see that this is what Jesus said immediately after telling Peter he should forgive, not 7 times, but 77 times. And then he gives the reason by telling a story. It would be better to translate this little word as “Here is why:” or “This is why”. Why should Peter forgive that much? Here’s why: our heavenly Father forgives us a nearly uncountable number of times as can be illustrated by the story Jesus tells.

The story goes on to explain that one debtor owed the king “10,000 talents”. The word “talent” here does not mean a skill or ability; it is a transliteration of a Greek word meaning a measure of weight (probably 60-70 pounds). This is a huge amount of money, but if we translate it as “talents”, the Roma will not understand. So our translators rendered it as “10,000 bags of gold”, which will communicate the enormity of the sum to Roma listeners.

These examples of “therefore” and “talents” are some of the things we look for when we do a final check of the translations to make sure that they are accurate, clear and natural in the Roma languages.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support!

Todd & Pamala Price (Kirsten, Daniel & Ariela)

Lost (and found) in translation: Installment #7: seed pickers & babblers; prayer request for my mom, for Bible distribution, pics from Ariela’s birthday

I’m currently preparing to teach a class to our Roma Bible translators on the topic of “sociolinguistics”. What is sociolinguistics? I’m so glad you asked!

One simple definition is “sociolinguistics is that part of linguistics which is concerned with language as a social and cultural phenomenon.” Practically speaking, it is a study of how we use language differently depending on the situation we are in, the people we are with, and the culture within which we are interacting.

For example, if I’m talking about cars, I will speak differently depending on whether I’m talking to my 6 year-old nephew, my wife, my brother-in-law, or my auto mechanic. Not only their ability to discuss intelligently affects how I talk to them, but the purpose: Am I asking my nephew his favorite color of Hot Wheels, or am I asking my mechanic if he can replace the C/V boots?

One of the ways this shows up is in the use of slang or jargon. We usually don’t think of slang or jargon being used in the Bible, but there are some places where they show up.

In Acts 17:18, the Epicureans and Stoics made fun of Paul, calling him a “seed picker”. This slang was quite derogatory and used the metaphor of a bird picking up seed. It means either a good-for-nothing, unemployed parasite of a person who lived off scraps he found on the ground in the open market, or else an amateur philosopher who picked up scraps of learning here and there and passed them on without really understanding them. Our English translations say “idle babbler” (NASB), “ignorant show-off” (GNB, CSB), “pseudo-intellectual” (HCSB), “babbling fool” (GW), “foolish babbler” (NET), “babbler” (NIV), “seed picker” (YLT) or “[What is this] babbler [trying to say with these strange ideas he’s picked up]” (NLT).

Another example of slang is in Matthew 22:34 where it says that Jesus “muzzled” the Saducees with his answer. Jesus used this same term to tell the demons in Mark 1:25 and 4:39 to be quiet (“tie up your mouth!”).

There are also instances of jargon in the Bible: the military term for “spearmen” in Acts 23:23, the nautical term for a “Nor’easter” storm wind in Acts 27:14 and “lee” (the side of an island protected from the wind) in Acts 27:7.

As I and the translators learn more about how to apply sociolinguistics to these Roma translations, we ask you to pray for much wisdom to strike a correct balance when trying to render slang and jargon where appropriate in the Bible.

Here are some more pray requests:

  1. My mom, Geri Price (pictured below), has COVID, so is in an isolation ward in her nursing home. I was planning to visit her this coming weekend but now I won’t be able to. Pray she will not feel abandoned and lonely and that she can enjoy some good sermons and reading.
  2. This Saturday the Pioneers team and a Croatian Baptist church will be handing out the Gospel of Luke and the book of 50 Bible stories in a large Ludari village in Croatia, where they and we have done years of outreach. Please pray for open hearts to receive, read, listen to and obey God’s Word in this new translation for the Ludari Roma.
  3. Pray for Todd as he continues to prepare the course on sociolinguistics to the Roma translators and that they will find it very helpful when he teaches it in Slovakia next month.
  4. Pray for daily wisdom as Todd and the translators edit the drafts in 3 Roma languages (currently focusing on Matthew chapters 18-21) and meet over Zoom to make edits and corrections.
  5. Praise God for recent safe travels and warm welcomes at our supporting churches in Whitney, TX (Cedar Creek Baptist Church), Douds, IA (Zion Bible Church) and Walker, IA (Walker Bible Church).
  6. Praise God for Matthew’s new job at Equifax in Atlanta, GA (pictured below).
  7. Praise God for the wonderful 11th birthday celebration for Ariela (pictures below with Elizabeth, with Timothy, at her party, and at the beach)

Thank you so much for praying for us!

Todd & Pamala

A recent visit to Todd’s mom, Geri Price
Matthew’s new job
Ariela’s 11th birthday
Ariela and Elizabeth
Birthday gifts!
Timothy and Ariela
At the lake in KC

Lost (and found) in translation, installment #6: Jonah’s sign; signs of time or weather; flesh and blood

Consulting on the translation of Matthew chapter 11-12 in the Arli language via Zoom

Each week I meet over Zoom to consult with the Roma Bible translators in Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in three languages: Arli, Chergash and Gurbet.

What do we do in those sessions? We read through each verse and I ask questions for clarification and give advice to help improve the translations.

What does that look like? Today I was working with one of the languages in Matthew chapters 15 and 16. Here are some of the changes we made in chapter 16:

To make the translation as clear as possible, we try to guide the reader/listener by giving clear titles to the various sections in a chapter. For example, the heading for Matthew 16:1 in the Roma translation was “Jonah’s sign”, but that would probably not communicate very much information to the average Roma listener. So we changed it to “The Pharisees and Sadducees seek a sign from Jesus”. This makes much more clear what the following section is talking about.

In the same way, the heading at Matthew 16:8 was “The Pharisees’ and Sadducees’ leaven”. Again, this is not terribly informative, so we changed it to “Jesus warns about the Pharisees’ and Sadducees’ leaven”.

We had a rare occasion where the Roma word has two meanings which could easily be misunderstood in Matthew 16:3. Their word “vreme” can mean both “weather” and “time”. It is usually no problem to understand what the meaning is, given the context, but it just so happens here that Jesus speaks of the “signs of the sky” when referring to the weather (16:2: “it will be good weather because the sky is red”) but then immediately speaks of the “signs of the times”, which they had translated with the word which means “time” or “weather”. In order to be clear, we changed the wording in 16:3 from “you cannot interpret the signs of the times” to “you cannot interpret the signs of these days”. The idea is that they could interpret meteorological signs, but they could not interpret what was happening with God’s Kingdom as shown by the signs (miracles) that Jesus was doing.

In Matthew 16:4, Jesus says that “an evil and adulterous generation seeks a sign”. The context shows that he is not talking about literal adulterers, but is using the metaphor common in the Old Testament where the Lord said the Israelites were adulterous in the sense of unfaithful to Him when they turned to worship idols or did not believe his promises. The generation that seeks for a sign, Jesus is saying, is an unbelieving generation, so we translated 16:4 as “an evil and unfaithful generation”.

Also in 16:4, the phrase “sign of Jonah” could easily be misunderstood to mean that it was a sign (miracle) that Jonah performed. But we know from the book of Jonah that his survival in the belly of the fish for three days was not a miracle he performed, but rather something that happened to him. So we changed the translation of the end of Matthew 16:4 to “the sign which happened to the prophet Jonah.”

In Matthew 16:14, the wording “others say Elijah, some say Jeremiah or one of the prophets” could make it sound like Elijah and Jeremiah were not prophets. So we adjusted the translation to say “others say Elijah, some say Jeremiah or one of the other prophets”. This will help avoid a misunderstanding of this verse when the Roma hear or read it.

In Matthew 16:17, it says that “flesh and blood did not reveal this to you”. That is a picturesque metonymy (a figure of speech where the parts stand for the whole), but we thought it might not be clear to the Roma. He is not talking about literal blood and muscle; this is a biblical way of referring to a person. Since Jesus’ point is that Peter received the revelation from God and not from a human, we made this clear by adjusting the translation from “flesh and blood did not declare this to you” to “man did not show this to you”.

I could go on and on with examples, but this gives you the idea of some of the editing changes we make during our Zoom consultations.

Please keep us in prayer that:

  1. the Lord will give me and the translators much wisdom for each word and phrase as we translate,
  2. we can reach our quota of translating 1,500 verses each quarter,
  3. we will stay healthy and that the Internet, software and computers will run well, (today we had an issue where one translator’s Internet was a bit unstable and his computer crashed once, which slowed us down.)
  4. all will be done for the glory of God alone and that He will use His translated Word to save and edify many Roma.

Todd & Pamala

Our daily prayer calendar for August 2022

For this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing out, click download below:

August 1 Pray we will be a blessing & encouragement to Todd’s mom as we visit her today at her nursing home in Oklahoma City

August 2 Pray for kids who attended our VBS missions classes to develop a deep love for Jesus & involvement in world missions

August 3 Pray for wisdom for Todd grading Bible translation course assignments from Roma translators

August 4 Pray for the Arli, Gurbet & Chergash teams as they edit their translations of Matthew, 1-2 Timothy & Titus

August 5 Pray for Elizabeth & Stephen, for safety in their jobs, spiritual growth & Christian fellowship

August 6 Pray for Kirsten for a new job, emotional & mental health, stamina for a job & for a spiritual life

August 7 Pray we will be an encouragement to the young adults from church as we talk & host a dinner this month

August 8 Today is Ariela’s 11th birthday! Praise God for the Christian friends she has & for her sweetness!

August 9 Pray for Todd as he prepares class lectures for teaching Sociolinguistics in Serbo-Croatian in Slovakia in September

August 10 Pray for good health & physical safety for us & for our teammates & Bible translators overseas

August 11 Pray for wisdom for Todd as he prepares to check the translations of Matthew 14-28 in Arli, Chergash & Gurbet

August 12 Today is Matthew’s 24th birthday! Pray he will see God’s works & realize His love & mercies personally

August 13 Pray many Roma would read & listen to the new translations of Luke & 50 Bible stories in their languages

August 14 Pray as we speak this morning at Zion Bible Church in Douds, IA, for God to be glorified & his people edified

August 15 Praise God for progress building ministry center in Slavonski Brod, Croatia & pray for needed help to finish it

August 16 Praise God for Daniel’s reading progress, June’s Bible camp & for his consistency in audio Bible listening

August 17 Pray for good rapport as Ariela goes into youth group & Pam gets to know youth more at today’s swim party

August 18 Pray for Chergash team as we work together translating Matthew chapters 12-18 for accurate & clear translation

August 19 Pray for Timothy’s job to be full-time with insurance benefits. Pray for good friends & interaction at church

August 20 Pray for the salvation of our unbelieving neighbors in our new neighborhood

August 21 Pray as we speak at Walker Bible Church in Walker, IA, for many to catch a vision for missions & Bible translation

August 22 Pray for wisdom for Pam as she starts teaching youth girls’ Sunday school class part time in September

August 23 Pray for Jonathan to see God’s works & realize His love & mercies personally

August 24 Pray for Gurbet team as we work together translating Matthew chapters 14-20 for an accurate & clear translation

August 25 Pray we can be a blessing & encouragement to dear supporter friends visiting us from out of town

August 26 Pray for the Roma village of Sisak that many will gladly receive Luke & Bible stories when they are handed out this

August 27 Pray for open hearts in Sisak to receive, read & listen to Luke & Bible stories in their language given out today

August 28 Pray for Todd visiting his Mom in Oklahoma City this weekend

August 29 Pray for Todd checking Matthew in 3 Roma languages & preparing to consult translators on those passages

August 30 Pray for Arli team as we work together translating Matthew chapters 15-24 for an accurate & clear translation

August 31 Pray for Todd & Pam preparing to teach Bible studies at our church on Wednesdays in the Fall

Flying the flag of missions to children; checking Matthew chapters 10-13

Last week our church held our vacation Bible school and Pam and I led the missions class. We had 35-40 kids, ages pre-K through 5th grade. Pam did an amazing job teaching. She taught the kids (in an age-appropriate way so they could grasp it), why and how we do Bible translation for Roma. In the top picture she’s showing the kids the translation of the Bible story book in Arli and Croatian.

We also hosted two other missionary families our church supports as they shared about their ministries and told the kids about the other missionaries supported by our church who couldn’t be there. And on the last evening she taught them how to share the gospel themselves using the Wordless Book (pictured above). You’re never too young to learn!

Please pray for these young hearts that they all would know Jesus and that many would catch a vision to be missionaries through their prayers, giving and going.

The last couple weeks I have been looking over and checking the translations of Matthew chapters 10-13 in three Roma languages (Arli, Gurbet and Chergash). Starting tomorrow morning we will meet online over Zoom as teams to discuss the translations and make needed corrections and adjustments to get the translations up to the level where they can be published. Please pray for me to have much wisdom as I lead these consultations and for the Roma translators as they make decisions in editing their translation drafts. Please also pray for good health, all the technology (Internet, software, laptops) to work well, and for us to make good progress toward our goal of translating 500 verses in each of the languages this quarter (July-September 2022).

Along with their work of translating, each of the Roma Bible translators is taking classes to earn a Diploma in Bible Translation. Please pray for me as I grade their Serbo-Croatian homework for two classes they recently took, “Process of Bible Translation” and “Principles of Bible Translation (part 1)”. And please pray for the Lord’s wisdom and enablement as I prepare to teach “Sociolinguistics” to them in Serbo-Croatian in Slovakia in September. I’m currently preparing the 15 hours of lectures and would appreciate your prayers.

We so appreciate your prayers and support!

Todd & Pamala

Our daily prayer calendar for July 2022

To download this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printout, click below:

July 1 Pray for wisdom for Todd consulting for the translation of Exodus in three languages spoken in Tanzania

July 2 Praise God for providing a second car for us! Pray Todd will be a blessing to his mom, driving down to visit her this weekend in Okla. City

July 3 Praise God for Pam getting almost done setting up our home & for His provision of rugs, curtains, etc.

July 4 Praise God for the freedoms we enjoy! Happy Independence Day!

July 5 Praise that Ariela & Pam can help our neighbor by watching her three children during the birth of their fourth child

July 6 Pray for wisdom for Todd grading Bible translation course assignments from Roma translators

July 7 Pray for wisdom for Todd as he prepares to check the translations of Matthew chapters 10-28 in Arli, Chergash & Gurbet

July 8 Pray for good learning for Todd attending online training for oral Bible translation today

July 9 Pray many Roma would read & listen to the new translations of Luke & 50 Bible stories in their languages

July 10 Pray for edification & rest for us on Sundays; praise for the joy it is for Pam to sing regularly on our worship team

July 11 Pray for Todd & Pam presenting how missions is done around the world this week at our church’s VBS

July 12 Praise God for Ariela helping lead song actions at VBS & Pam helping lead singing

July 13 Praise God for helpful consultation training for Todd via Zoom with translators in Tanzania last month

July 14 Pray for the Arli, Gurbet & Chergash teams as they edit their translations of Matthew, 1-2 Timothy & Titus

July 15 Praise God that Matthew’s outstanding hospital bills from Jan./Feb. 2020 were resolved in his favor!

July 16 Praise God for kind neighbors & peaceful atmosphere in our new neighborhood

July 17 Pray for good home church for Elizabeth & Stephen, good friends there & good involvement regularly

July 18 Pray for quality summer school time for Daniel & Ariela this month after moving house in May

July 19 Praise for Pam’s mom’s (Barbie’s) heart doing so well & for medication to prevent arrhythmia

July 20 Pray for Timothy’s job to be full-time with insurance benefits. Pray for good friends & interaction at church

July 21 Pray for the love & light of Jesus to shine through us wherever we live

July 22 Pray for the Roma village of Slavonski Brod that many will gladly receive Luke & Bible when they are handed out

July 23 Pray for the salvation of family members and loved ones who still need Jesus

July 24 Pray for Gospel of Luke & Bible stories to be well-received next weekend in Sisak, Croatia

July 25 Pray for Todd checking Matthew in 3 Roma languages & preparing to consult translators on those passages

July 26 Pray for health & safety for Jonathan & for the Lord to work powerfully in his life

July 27 Pray for Kirsten to discover the kind of work she enjoys & to experience Jesus & His joy firsthand

July 28 Pray for safety traveling & for us to be a blessing to Todd’s mom tonight in Oklahoma City

July 29 Praise God for visits in TX & for time this evening with Pam’s family gathering there

July 30 Pray for God’s special blessing on our niece, Victoria Morrison, getting married today in Denton, TX

July 31 Pray as we speak today at Cedar Creek Baptist Church, Whitney, TX, for God to be glorified & many to gain a vision for missions

Bible stories are now printed in Ludari language; God provided a second car; Matthew’s hospital bills resolved

Our list of things for which to praise God just keeps growing! Thank you for your faithful prayers. See how God is answering!


The full-color, illustrated book with 50 chronological Bible stories in the Ludari Roma language has now been printed! We also printed these same stories in a diglot (two-language version) that has Ludari and Croatian side-by-side. The books clearly present the storyline of salvation from Creation to the return of Christ in a format that is easy to understand, both for children and for adults who are just learning to read in their Roma language.

We printed 50 copies in the Ludari language
We printed 30 copies with Ludari and Croatian side-by-side.
We printed 400 copies of Luke and these same Bible stories (but without pictures) in the Ludari language. It is the book on the far left. This shows all three books together

We praise God for reaching this milestone which officially completes phase 1 of the Bible translation project.

  • Please pray for the teams who will be handing out these books in the two largest Ludari-speaking villages in Croatia: Slavonski Brod where we lived, and Sisak where we also did regular summer ministry.
  • Please pray the Lord will open hearts and eyes to the Gospel and that through these Scriptures and stories, the Lord will bring many Roma to Himself and bring deeper spiritual growth to those who already know Christ.


The car the Lord provided

For quite some time we have been praying for a second car that Todd could use when visiting his mom in Oklahoma City and that Pam could use for early Sunday worship practice at church. (We had a different “second car” that we just passed on to Kirsten since she needed to have her own wheels in her own name). In the providence of God, Pam had mentioned this need to our new neighbors who are becoming fast friends. The next day, the wife found out that her grandmother was going to sell her car back to the dealer in a few days. We asked her to wait over the weekend and after we checked it out and found out that it was a fantastic deal (a few thousand dollars less than asking price), we bought it! Praise God. It is a 2010 and only has 80,000 miles so should last us a good long time. And it will get much better mileage than our main car (the van which we love!) which is a blessing with the rising gas prices.

You all know about Matthew’s motorcycle accident, hospital stays and surgeries from January 2020. After all the paperwork and things were done with insurance, there was still a possible outstanding bill of $60,000 which we “might” be responsible for. We continued to pray for the Lord to resolve these, and we found out last week that that bill has now been reduced to $0. Praise God for this answer to prayer.

Matthew still has expenses for his prosthetic arm and hand which are still being developed, but thanks to your generosity through the 2020 Go Fund Me campaign, we still have funds toward that.

Ariela (10) and Pam in their matching dresses
Todd being spoiled on Father’s Day
Daniel heading to a week of Bible camp with friends