Our daily prayer calendar for September 2020 (The Prices Write, part 2)

O LORD God of hosts, hear my prayer; give ear, O God of Jacob! Selah
(Ps. 84:8 ESV)

To get this prayer list formatted as a calendar, go here to download:

September 1 Pray for good communication that we can accurately edit Luke 16-24 with the Arli language translators

September 2 Pray for a great job for Timothy & good progress on his college classes

September 3 Pray for Sasha, Kada, Alen, Todd & our translation consultant editing Luke in the Arli language over Zoom

September 4 Pray for details to come together for Todd to travel to Croatia in October for 2 weeks of Bible translating workshops

September 5 Pray for Kirsten to greatly benefit from her classes, & for safety & success learning to drive

September 6 Pray for rest, restoration, worship & edification today

September 7 Pray for Todd to make good progress editing the Bible translations we are doing in the 5 Roma languages

September 8 Todd’s dad turns 83 today. Praise God for the encouragement & help he’s been to us & so many others.

September 9 Pray for a great school year of learning for Daniel (age 12)

September 10 Pray for successful editing of Luke 16-24 in the Chergash language in our Zoom meetings

September 11 Pray for Djena, Biljana, Todd & our consultant editing Luke in the Chergash language

September 12 Pray God will speak through us at Sully Community Church (Sully, Iowa) today & tomorrow

September 13 Pray for Todd preaching at Sully Community Church (Sully, Iowa), teaching Sunday School & an evening service

September 14 Pray for energy & wisdom as Elizabeth ministers to the homeless at Restart & Stephen finishes his training & begins his new work

September 15 Pray for Zoki & Stanoje to make diligent, faithful, accurate progress in their Bible translation work in Ludari language

September 16 Pray for spiritual growth as Matthew processes his arm loss & for nerve healing & recovery of movement

September 17 Pray for wisdom & good communication as we edit Luke chapters 16-24 in the Gurbet language via Zoom meetings

September 18 Pray for Goran, Naki, Todd & our consultant for clarity & accuracy editing Luke in the Gurbet language

September 19 Pray for God to use us at Master’s Community Church’s missions conference today & tomorrow in Kansas City, KS

September 20 Pray for Todd preaching at Master’s Community Church, (Kansas City, KS) this morning

September 21 Today is Todd’s 54th birthday. Pray for encouragement, refreshment & the Lord’s continual strength & guidance

September 22 Pray for good communication & fruitful editing of Luke 20-24 in the Bayash language (especially during Zoom meetings)

September 23 Pray for Natasha, Renata, Todd & our consultant for clarity & accuracy editing Luke in the Bayash language

September 24 Pray we can get the flooring replaced in Todd’s parents’ home tomorrow & that Mom & Dad will do well in the hotel

September 25 Praise for family reunion for Pam’s side last month; pray for wisdom for her mom downsizing her home

September 26 Pray for stamina organizing Todd’s parents’ house & taking care of paperwork, bills & other financial concerns

September 27 Pray for Todd preaching at Metropolitan Bible Church, OKC, this morning

September 28 Pray for Jonathan to experience Jesus as the one who meets his deepest needs

September 29 Pray for wisdom for Pam as she home schools & mothers many ages

September 30 Pray for a great school year for Ariela; praise for Wed. group classes for her & Daniel

The Prices Write (September 2020, part 1)

Thank you for your faithful prayers for us!

My (Todd’s) mom (pictured above) and dad both have pretty severe dementia and are no longer able to completely take care of themselves. They are living in their own house in Oklahoma City, and my sister, Tracey, and I are helping them out at this time. It is clear to us that God’s timing has been perfect in that we came back to the States to help Matthew after his accident, but it is providential that we can be Stateside to help my parents at this crucial time in their lives.

My sister, Tracey, just finished nursing schooling (the timing, again, is perfect), so she and a fellow nurse are helping take care of our parents, and we are thankful for hired house helpers and other nursing care. This week, we are in Oklahoma City to help get work done on their house. We’re glad we can be just a day’s drive away in Kansas City so we can come down as needed, and also that I can handle finances for them online from our home.

Daniel moving boxes at my parents’ house, getting things ready for new flooring

Thank you for praying for Matthew. His nerve transfer surgery results will only be seen gradually over the next six months to two years. He is getting good help from a hand therapist in Kansas City, and he’s able to drive himself. He is developing his portfolio and looking for work in UX (user experience) for apps and web pages. Please pray for him to find a job soon. Please also pray for our insurance to approve the costs of getting a prosthetic arm for him very soon.

Kirsten started classes at Calvary University in Kansas City. These early college classes will count for her junior year of high school and college credit, so it is a great time and money saver. She has her driver’s permit, and I’m teaching her to drive. The state of Missouri requires 40 hours of driving practice before taking the test for her license.

Daniel and Ariela are in a new home school co-op this year in Kansas City. We are excited they can be in this with their cousins and also with new friends they have made.

In the Ludari language, I am currently editing the Roma translators’ rough drafts of Luke chapters 6 and 7. We now have a second Bible translation consultant who has joined our project, and he is looking over their second drafts of Luke chapters 17-24. This second consultant is an answer to your prayers for more workers for the translations. Also, I am checking the translators’ drafts of Matthew chapter 1 and 2 in all five of the languages: Arli, Bayash, Chergash, Gurbet, and Ludari. Please pray for the Roma translators working from their homes in Croatia and Serbia, me working from home in Kansas City, and the two consultants checking their work from Dallas and Boston.

This picture is of Goran, at his office in Serbia, working on the Bible translation into the Gurbet language.

This month we begin speaking at our supporting churches, where we will give an update on our mission work and progress on the Bible translations, and I will be preaching. We will speak at Sully Community Church (Sully, IA) 9/12-13, Master’s Community Church (KC, KS) 9/20, and Metropolitan Bible Church (OKC, OK) 9/27. If you live nearby, we’d love to have you join us!

Thank you for your faithful prayers for us as a family and our co-workers doing Bible translation into the Roma languages.

Todd & Pamala
(Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel, Ariela)

Fun time visiting Todd’s aunt, Pat, in Oklahoma City and driving her golf cart!

Our (belated) daily prayer calendar, August 2020 (The Prices Write, part 2)

But as for me, my prayer is to you, O LORD. At an acceptable time, O God, in the abundance of your steadfast love answer me in your saving faithfulness.
(Ps. 69:13 ESV)

(For this prayer list formatted as a calendar for downloading, click below:)

August 14 Praise God that our shipment of belongings arrived safely from Croatia and pray as we unpack our things for time, strength, and stamina

August 15 Pray for Kirsten soon learning to drive & for Todd teaching her, for safety & quick learning

August 16 Praise God that our neighbor boy next door goes to church with us often & joins Pam & Ariela for Bible reading on week days

August 17 Pray for Todd to make rapid, efficient progress in editing the Bible translations we are doing in 5 Roma languages, & that the translations would be accurate & clear

August 18 Pray for Kirsten at her first day of classes at Calvary University, for faithfulness in her studies and to grow to have a close walk with Jesus

August 19 Pray as Daniel & Ariela have their orientation for the new home school co-op they will be in this year, for good friends & good learning

August 20 Pray for us in Oklahoma City through the 27th, that Todd’s parents house can get needed repairs done & for us to get power-of-attorney & other paperwork accomplished

August 21 Pray for Elizabeth’s husband, Stephen, soon to graduate from police academy. His birthday is today!

August 22 Joy, in Budapest, will be continuing in tasks there plus translation help. Praise for her many ministries & being able to stay in Hungary longer.

August 23 Pray for Roma in “our” village to attend worship evenings at our teammates’ house

August 24 Pray for a successful school year for Timothy at community college

August 25 Pray for perseverance and diligence for our Roma translators for Ludari with much work to do to finish Luke

August 26 Pray for strength, good health, spiritual stamina for Andy, Lim, Sergej & Željka in Slavonski Brod, Croatia

August 27 Pray for full financial support for Andy, Lim, Sergej, Željka and Joy in their important ministries

August 28 Pray for safe travels for Pam’s sisters & families and us traveling to Dallas. (One sister is now back from East Asia.)

August 29 Pray for a great family reunion with Pam’s family in Dallas this weekend

August 30 Pray for wisdom in helping Pam’s mom’s needs to be met with costs of Pam’s dad’s care center increasing

August 31 Pray for travel restrictions to Croatia to be loose enough for Todd to travel there October 1-15 for Bible translation work

The (belated) Prices Write (August 2020, part 1)

Dear praying friends,

I apologize for being so late with this prayer letter. Thank you all for praying for us faithfully.

Matthew’s surgery in San Francisco on July 10 went well. We won’t know the long-term results for at least a few months and more likely for 1-2 years since nerves re-grow at a very slow rate (1 mm per month). His incisions are healing well, and we are thankful for good physical therapy for him here in Kansas City.

Please pray that the nerves will grow successfully and that he will be able to regain movement in his shoulder and upper arm. Pray also that the prosthetics company will get clearance from our insurance to pay for a prosthetic lower arm and hand for him. Please pray that our insurance will cover that, as well as all the remaining hospital and doctor bills.

Matthew celebrated his 22nd birthday and Ariela her 9th. It was a treat for Ariela to be living in Kansas City for this year’s birthday so she could have cousins and friends over for her party.

We visited my (Todd’s) mom and dad and are saddened to see how their health is deteriorating. My sister, Tracey, has been doing a great job caring for them, and now that we are in the States, we will be able to help a lot more. Arrangements are in place now for them for in-home care so they can stay in their house. They are at a place in life now (at age 82 and 81) where they need a lot of assistance managing finances and various aspects of meals, hygiene, house and yard work, etc.

We visited Pam’s parents in the Dallas, TX, area. Because of COVID, we were not able to go into the memory care center where her dad, Mal, lives, but we were able to see and talk to him through the window. It was nice to see him smile and to sing hymns with him. It was also lovely to visit Pam’s mom, and her sister and children while we were in Dallas. Our kids enjoyed hanging out with their cousins there.

Kirsten had orientation at Calvary University, and next week begins early college classes. These count for both her high school and college, so they are a fantastic way to save time and money for her education. She has her driver’s permit, and I am teaching her to drive.

Our belongings arrived from Croatia. Thank you for praying for that huge undertaking!

Daniel is enjoying friends and is very creative and talented. He’s pictured here with a pocket knife he made for a friend entirely on his own from raw materials!

Ariela is quite the reader and was thrilled to get her own library card, and also to earn a free book through the summer reading program.

Due to COVID, I’m not sure when I will be able to get back to Croatia to meet in person with the Bible translators, but we are tentatively thinking of October. All the translators and I continue translating, each from our own homes, syncing our work using the same software. I am currently focusing on Luke 24 and Matthew 1 in all five of the Roma languages and making plans to meet with the translators by Zoom as soon as possible (an earlier Zoom meeting checking Luke 18 is pictured here).

Thank you all for your love, prayers, and financial support!

Todd & Pamala
(Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel, Ariela)

Our shipment arrived; traveling to Oklahoma City and Dallas; prayer requests

Our belongings from Croatia arrived this week, after 2 1/2 months in transit by land and sea. Thank you for praying for that. We’re thankful that the things have arrived safely.

Here are some fresh prayer requests.

  1. Today we drive to Oklahoma City to visit Todd’s parents. Pray for wisdom and logistics as we help Todd’s sister with planning to move them to assisted living.
  2. Kirsten gets to be in Dallas visiting good MK friends who recently returned from the Czech Republic. Pray for an edifying visit for all of them.
  3. On the 4th we drive to Dallas to visit Pam’s parents, sister and cousins. Pray for her dad with Alzheimer’s living in the memory care nursing home.
Unpacking our belongings shipped from Croatia, with Pam’s sister, Kim Sharp, and kids at our house in Independence, MO. The Sharps have been such a huge blessing and help to us during this whole moving process. The clock, by the way, was still keeping time after 2 1/2 months in transit. Pam said, “It’s always a good TIME to be together with sisters.”

Matthew finished UX course; Croatian food in KC; completed draft of Luke, started Matthew

Even with all the setbacks Matthew has gone through, this Saturday he finished the certificate course through Berkely Extension in San Francisco for UX (user experience for web and app design), that he started last year, with a delay of only about 3 months! The COVID situation turned out to be a blessing in that all classes moved to online so he could finish in Kansas City even though he started in San Francisco. He’s now looking for work in the field of UX. Know anyone hiring?
We celebrated this weekend by going out as a family to play miniature golf. See Pam’s finger above; she got 2 back-to-back holes in one!
We are excited that we can still get Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbian food at a grocery store in Kansas City. We were in the neighborhood recently and stocked up! No, the shelves were not full and we didn’t single-handedly clean them out! Supplies are just low due to COVID, but they still have a lot of the foods we are used to from Croatia and Bosnia.With laptops and the Internet, I can work from almost anywhere. So why not translate the Bible while Pam does the grocery shopping? I’m so excited that last week I finished the first major version of the Gospel of Luke and this week started on the Gospel of Matthew. Praise God for each of the Roma translators who continue to do their essential translation part back in their homes in Croatia and Serbia (though probably not in the grocery store! :).
Thanks for your love, prayers, and financial support!

Matthew’s surgery went very well!

Thank you for praying and thank the Lord for answering these prayers! Matthew’s surgery went very well. The surgeon was able to make the nerve transfers she wanted to, from his spinal accessory nerves and his intercostal (rib) nerves to his trapezius and deltoid. He now has four incisions, including a longer one from his left lower leg where they took a donor nerve to span the gaps where the other nerves were not able to reach.

Matthew’s pain is low now and he is in great spirits. Walking will be difficult while the leg incision heals and at the moment he is on a liquid-only diet, but hopefully he can have a normal supper since he has had to fast since midnight due to surgery.

There is some infection on his arm stump so please pray that that will quickly heal. Pray also he can be discharged soon and we can get back to family in Kansas City.

Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement. We feel very loved and supported.


Todd for the whole Price clan

Matthew currently in surgery

Please be in prayer for Matthew who is in surgery right now. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am this morning for him to check in. I’m not allowed in the hospital due to COVID-19 restrictions until he is out of surgery and in his hospital room. Until then I am waiting across the street from his hospital.

This is a big day. Ever since the accident, we have known from research that Jonathan has done that there is a 6 month window in which it is highly recommended that any nerve transfers/grafts/repairs take place. Today is 5 months and almost 3 weeks since the accident.

Please pray for the surgery that the surgical team will find donor nerves they are looking for from the spinal accessory nerve bundle and the intercostal nerves, that these nerves would be in good shape in order to be transfered to the deltoid and suprascapular nerves, that they would be long enough to connect so that a graft is not needed, that if a graft is needed they can use one from a cadaver or harvest one from Matthew’s foot (outer area on bottom of foot), for no infections or complications, and that the nerve transfer would be successful.

Please pray that Matthew will be stable and safe on the operating table, that after he is out he will quickly recover and will need minimal pain killers or other medications and that we can return to Kansas City as soon as possible.

Please then pray that the nerves will grow to enervate his trapezius and deltoid so that they can hold up his left shoulder and that he would be able to raise his upper arm stump. This progress of nerve growth (at 1 mm per month) could take a year or two. Pray for grace, comfort, strength and encouragement for Matthew while he waits and does therapy during that long process.

Thank you for your prayers and for being with us on this journey. Your love and care mean so much to us.

Todd in San Francisco