Family update & Bible translation progress

Reading time over Christmas break is the best!
Kringlas, our traditional Norwegian cookies
Home schooling story time, while Daniel carves a handle for one of his homemade knives


Daniel (12) and Ariela (9) are homeschooling as well as enjoying a weekly home school co-op. We’re thankful for this great opportunity to learn and to make friends. They are both excited as they received the parts they wanted in theater class to perform Peter Pan Jr. at the end of this school year. Daniel has done a great job making knives, bullwhips and slingshots by hand and has sold several of his creations.

We haven’t gotten much snow in KC, but the kids have enjoyed what we have gotten.

Kirsten (who turns 17 on Valentine’s Day) is working at Target and taking a full class load as an early college student at Calvary University.

I, Todd, had COVID-19 just after Christmas. Thankfully, aside from fatigue and a headache, I had no other symptoms. I was able to ride out the quarantine and continue working on Bible translation since I work from home, aside from needing to go to bed early, sleep late, and take naps!

My parents are in very poor heath. My mother, 82, is frail and battling Parkinson’s. My dad, 83, has been given just months to live as his cancer has returned and spread and chemotherapy is no longer effective. We are very saddened by this but grateful that in the providence of God we are here in the States so we can spend time with them.

Sasa and the team as we edit the Gospel of Luke in the Arli language

We continue to meet with our Roma translators and translation consultants, usually weekday mornings from 9 a.m. until noon, which is 4-7 pm in Croatia and Serbia. We completed the consultant check of the Gospel of Luke in the Bayash language, have less than a chapter to complete Luke in the Arli language, have two and a half chapters left to complete the Chergash language, five and a half chapters to complete the Gurbet language, and still about 17 chapters to finish in the Ludari language. As Luke is completed in these languages, it is being made into an audio recording for distribution and we will then be printing it as well. This is a dream come true, indeed!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.
Todd & Pamala (Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel, Ariela)

One year after Matthew’s accident

Cake to celebrate Matthew’s “life day”, one year after the accident.

I’m writing this on January 19th, the one-year anniversary of the day we received the fateful early-morning phone call in Croatia, telling us that Matthew had been in a severe motorcycle accident. Here we are now, one year later, able to look back and see God’s hand and loving kindness through it all. We won’t lie and say it was easy, but the Lord showed Himself strong and kind, and He used you, the Body of Christ, to buoy us up this last year.

It is still painful emotionally for Matthew as he lives as an amputee and gets used to this new normal. But he maintains a good attitude, continues on with physical therapy and waits for the prosthetic arm. He works as a free lance UX designer (user experience for apps and web pages; see his work at, drives his pickup, and, though he lives with us at home, does almost everything independently. We thank God for His mercies.

Matthew has been able to take two long road trips with his friend, one to Mt. Rushmore and one to Niagara Falls. He found a nerve specialist in St. Louis (much closer than the doctors we have been to in California and Wisconsin). Unfortunately, the tests they performed did not show any nerve activity from the nerve transfers six months ago. We know it can take 12-24 months for the nerves to fully grow back, but we also know that at six months some growth can sometimes be detected. We are discouraged at this news, but continue to pray. We are still waiting (after nine months) for our insurance to approve an electronic, mechanical arm and hand (prosthetic) for Matthew. They have approved part of the cost, but not for all the features he will need to be able to open and close a prosthetic hand and flex electronically at the elbow.

Christmas Eve together in KC. (L to R: Todd, Kirsten, Ariela, Elizabeth, Pamala, Daniel, Matthew, Stephen)
L to R: Matthew, Daniel, Elizabeth, Ariela, Pamala, Timothy, Kirsten

Please pray for a safe operation for Pamala this Spring (yet to be scheduled). Due to the growing uterine fibroids the last 10 years, she will have a hysterectomy since this has recently caused anemia and unsafe amounts of menstrual bleeding. With a blood clot in the past, she may need to be on blood thinners post op. Thank you for praying for safety.

Our daily prayer calendar for January 2021

But I, O LORD, cry to you; in the morning my prayer comes before you. (Ps. 88:13 ESV)

Here you can download this list formatted as a calendar for printing:

January 1 Pray that in 2021 we can complete translation, printing & audio recording of Luke & 50 Bible stories in 5 Roma languages

January 2 Praise God for generous donors providing our financial support in 2020!

January 3 Pray we can successfully delegate payroll & financial administration of our Bible translation projects to a new team

January 4 Pray for God’s wisdom & power as we check & edit Luke 21-24 in the Arli language with our consultant this week and next

January 5 Pray for healing or kidney transplant for Bayash translator, Nedeljko & God’s provision for his family

January 6 Pray for accurate & clear translation of Luke chapters 20-24 in the Ludari language

January 7 Pray for God’s guidance & enablement as we edit & check Luke 18-24 in the Chergash language this week and next week

January 8 Pray for successful audio recording of Luke & rest of Bible stories in the Arli language

January 9 Pray for supportive, spiritual network of friends for Elizabeth & Stephen

January 10 Pray for enjoyable & pain-free days for Todd’s parents & for additional in-home care for the weekends for them

January 11 Pray for diligence for Timothy in his computer science studies

January 12 Pray for Jonathan to experience the great love & mercy God offers through Jesus

January 13 Pray for wisdom & progress for Todd checking & editing Luke chapters 20-24 in the Ludari language

January 14 Pray our insurance will approve an electronic prosthetic arm for Matthew & that he can be fitted for that soon

January 15 Pray for strength & wisdom for Todd’s sister as she helps with Todd’s parents’ daily needs

January 16 Pray Daniel will be able to start getting braces within a year, not the 3 years projected for those on the waiting list

January 17 Pray for Kirsten to learn well through her classes at Calvary University & for an open heart spiritually

January 18 Pray for good audio recording progress for Luke & 50 Bible stories in Bayash language

January 19 Pray we can test out Luke 17-24 with Ludari speakers & get feedback to make sure it is clear, accurate & understandable

January 20 Pray for good audio recording progress for Luke & 50 Bible stories in the Chergash language

January 21 Pray for Sergej helping with Ludari Bible translation & for progress in testing, editing & correcting Luke

January 22 Pray for Pam’s parents, Mal & Barb, for joy each day & good visits together at Mal’s memory center

January 23 Praise for Bayash translator, Natasha’s, pregnancy; pray for healthy baby to come to full term & for safe birth

January 24 Pray for teammate, Joy Hill, for wisdom & progress formatting Bible translations & in administrative ministry

January 25 Pray we can edit & check Luke 18-24 in Gurbet language & complete it in the next couple weeks

January 26 Praise that Ariela & Daniel can be in Wednesday afternoon acting course

January 27 Pray for wisdom, accuracy & fast progress for Todd checking Luke chapters 1-3, and 6-16 in the Ludari language

January 28 Praise for St. Louis nerve specialist testing & appointment this month for Matthew

January 29 Pray for wisdom for Pam home schooling & helping Daniel with reading & spelling/vision challenges

January 30 Pray for wisdom for possible workers in the future for translating rest of the NT in the 5 Roma languages

January 31 Pray for Matthew for healing & growth for nerves & spiritually & emotionally

Merry Christmas! Counting our 2020 blessings

Merry Christmas from all of us at the Price household. We are grateful that we can be together with most of the family this year. We were also privileged to be with Todd’s mom for her 82nd birthday on December 19th (see pictures below from our recent visit with them in Oklahoma City).

Looking back at 2020, even though it has been a very hard year, we have so much to be thankful for. Among the many blessings of 2020, we thank God for :

● Sparing Matthew’s life in the motorcycle accident January 18, 2020 in San Francisco

● Jonathan’s amazing help at the hospital while Matthew was in surgery & ICU in San Francisco

● Elizabeth being able to postpone the start of a new job to come to California to help Matthew

● Protection & health for Matthew through 46 days in the hospital and 11 surgeries

● Kind donors who paid to fly Pamala, Daniel, & Ariela from Croatia to San Francisco to visit Matthew in the hospital

● Generous donors providing flights for Todd to San Francisco as well as rental cars, and for lodging places opening up at just the right time in San Francisco

● Kind friends letting us stay with them in California, then a house to use in KC after that

● Kirsten being able to get out of Germany from boarding school hours before they closed the borders due to COVID, & donated flight tickets

● Strength for Pam and kids to pack up entire house in Croatia and get moved to Kansas City

● Friends donating furniture & helping us move into rental home in KC (Independence, MO)

● Friends donating car and pickup truck, and generous gifts so we could purchase a van

● Matthew being able to live with us, finish his schooling, drive his truck, and find part-time employment in his field of work

● Opportunities to visit Todd’s & Pam’s parents, siblings, nephews and nieces

● Enablement for Todd & translators to keep up with Bible translation progress in 5 Roma languages, and nearing the completion of Luke

● Ability to keep working on Bible translation virtually via Zoom and synchronized translation software

Thank you for being there for us and with us in 2020. We so appreciate your love for us as a family, your prayers and encouragement, and financial support so we can continue to translate God’s Word for His glory!

Todd & Pamala (Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel, Ariela)

Christmas stroll & Christmas cards

The weekend before last, we had a special treat. We were able to arrange a speaking engagement in Iowa at the same time as the annual Christmas celebration in Pam’s home time, Albia, Iowa. It’s called the Victorian Stroll (with a theme of the Victorian era, on the town square), and we have been many times. Since Pam’s parents no longer live in Albia, we rarely get there now, but we had the opportunity this year and really enjoyed it, and our cousin was able to join us as well.

Where Pam’s dad, Mal, was postmaster for many, years

I’m mailing out our Christmas cards and including our new prayer card. If you would like one, please let me know. We also wanted to mention that at this time of year, although our mission support should be sent to Pioneers as always, if you would like to send a Christmas card or gift for the family, our home address is 1803 S. Hawthorne Ave, Independence, MO 64052.

And don’t forget to check out our upgraded website, for prayer requests, pictures, updates, and pictures. Kudos to Matthew ( for updating our site!

Check out our updated website!

We’re happy to announce a major upgrade to our website, designed by our son, Matthew Price. On the website you can:

See today’s prayer request

See the month’s daily calendar

Read current and past blog posts

Look at our library of past photos

See or hear what we have translated so far of the Bible in Roma languages

Learn how you can pray for the Roma

Learn how we do Bible translation for the Roma

… as well as sign up for our e-mail updates, give and share with others.

Thank you for praying for Roma Bible translation,

Todd & Pamala

Today is #GivingTuesday

Thank you to all of you who so generously give to make possible the ministry of translating the Bible for Roma. We greatly appreciate your kindness and are constantly amazed and humbled at your generosity. Thank you so much!

It is always a joy to make progress in translation and today we completed the consultant check for Luke 23 in Bayash. Since there is only one more chapter to go, we hope to finish Luke in Bayash this week. After that, one of the translators will begin making the audio recording of the entire Gospel of Luke in Bayash. Having the audio version will go a long way in sharing the Gospel of Luke with Bayash Roma, since then they can then listen to it online where it will be available 24/7.

COVID continues to raise its ugly head in Croatia. The fathers of our two dear Croatian teammates both have it and are in poor health. Please pray for them, for quick healing and complete recovery. The COVID numbers are so high in Croatia and the hospitals in the capital so full that some people have to be treated in the rooms of one of the sports arenas. Please pray for our friends and many others in Croatia.

Thank you for your prayers.

  • Pray for wisdom and God’s guidance as we finish checking the Gospel of Luke in Bayash with our consultant.
  • Pray that our translator can make a clear and high quality audio recording of Luke in Bayash and that it will reach many listeners.
  • Pray for this translator as he is faced with dialysis and a potential kidney transplant. Pray for his health and for peace from the Lord.
  • Pray for friends in Croatia with COVID, for healing and strength.

Looking for a good book …

to help you in your prayer life. I recommend Praying for Your Missionary, by Eddie Byun.

Being a missionary is a noble calling, but it’s also a difficult one. Missionaries face many challenges … [but] for many Christians, missionaries are out of sight, out of mind

Our Daily Prayer Calendar for December 2020



Let my prayer come before you; incline your ear to my cry!

Psalm 88 (ESV)

To download this list formatted as a calendar for printing:

December 1 Pray for accuracy & progress editing the last chapters of Luke in Bayash, that we can finish it this week

December 2 Pray for healing & health for Bayash translator, Nedeljko, & that he or another can make audio recording of Luke soon

December 3 Pray for accurate & clear Arli translation of Luke chap. 17 and following as we work on editing it today

December 4 Pray for stamina & clarity as we try to finish editing Luke in Bayash today in our Zoom consultant meeting

December 5 Pray for safety traveling to Albia, IA, and attending Victorian Stoll today

December 6 Pray for God to use us as Todd preaches at First Baptist Church, Chariton, IA, at 10:15 this morning

December 7 Pray for God’s wisdom & power as we check & edit Luke 17-24 in the Ludari language with our consultant this week and/or next

December 8 Pray for a rich time of fellowship with long-time friend of the family visiting this evening

December 9 Pray for Joy Hill helping remotely from Hungary with Bible translation computer help

December 10 Pray the Chergash translators can begin making audio recording of Luke, for narrator & equipment or studio access

December 11 Pray for wisdom & progress for Todd checking & editing Luke chapters 17-24 in Ludari

December 12 Praise for encouraging friends for Elizabeth; pray for safety for Stephen on the job

December 13 Pray for wisdom for Sergej & opportunities to check, test & correct Ludari translation of Luke with our translators

December 14 Pray for Timothy’s social, work & educational needs to be met

December 15 Pray the Gurbet team can finish audio recording of Luke & we can get recordings on the web & in an app

December 16 Pray for physical, emotional & spiritual healing for Matthew

December 17 Pray our insurance will approve an electronic prosthetic arm for Matthew & that he can be fitted for that soon

December 18 Pray for strength & wisdom for Todd’s sister as she helps with Todd’s parents’ daily needs

December 19 Pray Daniel will be able to start getting braces within a year, not the 3 years projected for those on the waiting list

December 20 Praise God for a good job for Kirsten; pray she will follow hard after the Lord

December 21 Pray for wisdom, accuracy & fast progress for Todd checking Luke chapters 1-3, and 6-16 in the Ludari language

December 22 Pray we can test out Luke 17-24 with Ludari speakers & get feedback to make sure it is clear, accurate & understandable

December 23 Pray for Jonathan to be able to visit us from California & for the message of Christmas to impact his soul

December 24 Pray for Christ to be truly worshiped as King & only Savior around the world in each country

December 25 Praise God for His sacrifice to send us Jesus to save us from our sins

December 26 Pray for & praise God for His financial provision for our lives and ministries

December 27 Praise for time for Daniel with big brothers & friends locally & great youth group at church

December 28 Pray we can finish Luke in Bayash, Arli, Chergash & Gurbet by the end of January & in Ludari by the end of July 2021

December 29 Praise for Ariela’s heart for Jesus & for sweet times she can have with family, cousins & friends in Kansas City

December 30 Pray for joy in the Lord for our 4 parents as they live one day at a time & for blessings on their caregivers

December 31 Praise for a marriage of unity & joy & the gift of being together daily (after last year’s medical stress & time apart)

Thanksgiving celebrations; progress in translating Gospel of Luke in all 5 languages


December 2020 (PART 1)
Pam, the pilgrim, on Thanksgiving with Ariela & her cousin

Thank you for your faithful prayers for us! Due to the increase in COVID cases and the health condition of Todd’s parents, we had to cancel going to Oklahoma City for Thanksgiving. (Todd’s dad, Max, has a very compromised immune system due to chemotherapy for colon cancer). But we enjoyed a rare treat of having Thanksgiving locally in Kansas City and celebrating with Pam’s sister, Kim Sharp, and family. Everyone worked hard on cooking and baking (see pictures below). We truly have a lot for which to be thankful!

Pam & sister, Kim, made a wonderful Thanksgiving feast
Ariela did a great job making pecan pies
Daniel doing an amazing job making pumpkin pies

COVID is very bad these days in Croatia and Serbia so travel is restricted as well as group meetings. Below you can see screenshots from the Zoom meetings we have been having as we check and edit the translations of Luke in the five Roma languages.

Arli translators, Alen, Kada & Sasha
Chergash translators, Biljana & Djena (off screen)
Gurbet translators, Goran & Naki
Bayash translators, Natasha & Renata
Ludari translator, Zoki (Stanoja not present)

We are also excited that the teams are continuing their work to make audio recordings of Luke in four of the languages.

Roki in Serbia recording Luke in the Gurbet language

Thank you all for your love, prayers, and financial support as we continue on with Bible translation for the Roma. We are very thankful for all of YOU!

Todd & Pamala