Daily Prayer Calendar for January 2019 (The Prices Write, part 3)


(For this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing, click Price prayer letter for 01-2019 page 2)

Jan 1 Praise God for His mercies which are new every morning, & for a new year in which to proclaim Him

Jan 2 Pray for an upbuilding time for Matthew visiting a high school MK friend in Mississippi

Jan 3 Praise God for many big answers to prayer during Pam’s mom’s move from their home of 37 years

Jan 4 Pray for Roma Christmas children’s clubs this weekend at our village

Jan 5 Pray for more Roma in our village to come to know Christ as Lord & Savior

Jan 6 Pray for spiritual growth for Slavonski Brod Baptist Church, & for God to draw more people to Himself

Jan 7 Pray for a clear understanding of the Gospel as Orthodox Roma celebrate Christmas today

Jan 8 Pray for Z. & N., for the Spirit’s guidance as we translate Bible stories into Ludari

Jan 9 Pray for a good, long-term job for Timothy in Kansas City

Jan 10 Pray for N., N. & R., for God’s guidance as we translate Luke & Matthew in Bayash

Jan 11 Pray for more workers still needed to improve & accelerate our 5 Bible translation projects

Jan 12 Pray for the Roma translators as they learn to use a new software program for translating

Jan 13 Pray for wisdom for ministry decisions by our co-workers, M. & I. for future direction

Jan 14 Today is Orthodox New Year’s. Pray that this will be the year that many Roma in Croatia & Serbia come to Christ

Jan 15 Pray for S. & K., for God’s guidance as we translate Luke & Matthew in Arli

Jan 16 Pray we can get verse-by-verse notes translated into Croatian to help the Roma produce their Bible translations

Jan 17 Pray for God’s guidance for Todd studying Luke 8-10 & 1-3 preparing to help Roma Bible translators with their drafts

Jan 18 Pray we can keep up with all our administrative tasks & manage the work of all the Roma & Croatian translators

Jan 19 Pray for Daniel to make friends & learn Croatian thru his Taekwondo class

Jan 20 Pray for the Lord to plant a strong, healthy church in our Roma village

Jan 21 Pray for Todd preparing for upcoming Bible translation workshop next month

Jan 22 Pray for G. & N. for the Lord’s guidance as they translate Luke & Matthew in Gurbet

Jan 23 Pray for Stephen & Elizabeth serving the Roma in Tirana, Albania, for lasting fruitfulness

Jan 24 Pray for Ariela to make friends & learn Croatian thru her ballet class

Jan 25 Pray for D. & B., for the Spirit to guide them as they translate Luke & Matthew in Chergash

Jan 26 Pray for Matthew as he works & considers the best path forward for his studies

Jan 27 Pray for the Lord to plant a strong, healthy church in Nova Gradiška, 30 minutes from our home

Jan 28 Pray for full monthly financial support for Joy & funds to buy a car when she returns from Australia

Jan 29 Pray for wisdom & strength for our leaders in Pioneers

Jan 30 Pray for Kirsten for friends in Croatia & for a strong spiritual walk with Christ

Jan 31 Praise God for a new job for Jonathan in San Francisco. Pray for his future move there.

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