Daily prayer calendar for October 2018 (The Prices Write, part 2)


For our prayer calendar in a format for printing, go to: Price prayer letter for 10-2018


Oct 1 Pray as we drive to Bosnia to pickup a friend who will be visiting us for a few days

Oct 2 Praise for Timothy’s helpfulness driving Pam’s mom to Texas. Pray for a job for him in Kansas City

Oct 3 Pray for wisdom for Matthew for his college major choice & to always seek God first

Oct 4 Pray for a church to be planted in the village near where we live

Oct 5 Today is Pam’s mom’s 88th birthday. Pray as she looks for a rental house in Texas & visits family

Oct 6 Pray for Todd to make progress learning Ludari, Bayash, Arli, Chergash & Gurbet

Oct 7 Pray for Baptist Church in Nova Gradiška for encouragement of believers & salvation of unbelievers

Oct 8 Pray for Ariela’s social needs to be met with other English-speaking girls while learning Croatian

Oct 9 Pray for contentment for Kirsten to not live on same continent as older siblings & for her spiritual growth

Oct 10 Pray for more time & laborers to make progress on producing a Greek New Testament for translation software

Oct 11 Pray for D & R traveling to Croatia where D will lead our Bible translation consultant workshop, with us 11 days

Oct 12 Pray for Todd, Sergej, D, Natasha & Renata as we translate Luke 6-8 in Bayash today & tomorrow

Oct 13 Pray for wisdom as we make many translation decisions, to make an accurate, clear & natural Bayash translation

Oct 14 Pray for Goran, Kada, Naki & Sasha traveling to join us this week for Bible translation workshop

Oct 15 Pray for Goran, Naki, Kada & Sasha to make wise decisions translating into Arli & Gurbet

Oct 16 Pray for wisdom as we make many translation decisions for the Arli & Gurbet Bible translations

Oct 17 Pray for strength & wisdom for Todd, Sergej & D in the translation consultant workshop this week

Oct 18 Pray for clear understanding of Luke 6-8 as we translate into Roma languages

Oct 19 Pray for Djeno & Biljana, Sergej, Todd & D as we translate Luke 6-8 into Chergash

Oct 20 Pray for wisdom for a clear, accurate & natural translation of Luke 6-8 into Chergash

Oct 21 Pray for refreshment & strength after long days of Bible translation workshop

Oct 22 Pray for D & R as they travel on to another country for another Bible translation workshop

Oct 23 Pray for time & more laborers to make progress producing Greek NT dictionary for translation software

Oct 24 Pray that Joy’s (& her sister’s) visit will be a helpful time for coordinating projects, decision making & catching up

Oct 25 Pray for Jonathan in San Jose, for friends, fulfilling work & to experience the power of God’s love in Christ daily

Oct 26 Pray for Daniel to continue faithfully growing spiritually & making progress in his reading skills

Oct 27 Pray for Todd’s parents for good health in their illnesses, lack of pain & spiritual joy daily

Oct 28 Pray for spiritual fruit in lives of Albanian Roma among whom Elizabeth & Stephen are ministering

Oct 29 Pray for time & more laborers to make progress producing Greek NT grammar for Bible translation software

Oct 30 Pray for Pamala for continual wisdom & faith each day for meeting needs & for praying

Oct 31 Praise God for the Reformation, launched 501 years ago today

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