Pray for our Bible translation workshop

IMAG1447.jpgVisiting the zoo in Zagreb, Croatia, with MK friends
It was fun recently to take a day and go to the Croatian capital to visit the zoo and the historic churches downtown with friends of ours visiting from Hungary!
For the next week and a half we will be holding our Bible translation workshop with our consultant. We would appreciate prayer for that and some other prayer requests and praises listed below:
1. Please pray for wisdom and insight for all of us and all the Roma translators, that the Lord would lead us for each verse for the right words, phrases and explanations as we work on checking and editing the translation of Luke 6-8 in four Roma dialects.
2. Please pray for stamina as these involve long days, some travel, and intensive “brain work” dealing with various languages. Pray for the fruit of the Spirit in our lives of patience and forbearance with one another, and for His power to be full of joy and love for one another.
3. Pray that the computer tablets, laptops, Internet connection and Bible translation software will work well (no data loss or snafus!) for the translation work. Thanks to The Seed Company, I was able to purchase a new laptop for each of the translation teams, which will help us move beyond some of the problems with the tablets and be able to use other helpful Bible translation software programs.
4. Praise God that Todd’s dad is officially in remission from colon cancer. What a great answer to pray as this had flared back up and Dad is having chemotherapy.
5. Pray that Pam’s mom can sign a lease for a house and move to Crossroads, TX, where she can be near family. Pray for strength, stamina and safety with packing and moving, and for a good price for selling her house and land.
6. Our cat recently go into some poison and has been a very sick kitty. He is doing better but please pray for a full recovery.
Thank you for your prayers!
Todd & Pamala
Ariela at the zoo
St. Mark’s Church in Zagreb with the beautiful tile roof with Croatian designs

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