Our daily prayer calendar for June 2023

To get this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing out, click ‘Download’ below:

June 1 Praise for Elizabeth graduating with her MSW; pray God will use her to help & counsel others for His glory

June 2 Pray individuals & churches will pledge $209 more per month for our financial support for our missionary work

June 3 Pray for 2023-24 co-leader for Pam in Ariela’s group of American Heritage Girls. Today is the awards ceremony

June 4 Pray for Todd teaching adult Equipping Hour on global Bible translation at CrossWay Bible Church, Blue Springs, MO

June 5 Pray for Daniel at Bible camp this week, for spiritual growth, good friendships & good health

June 6 Pray for the finances needed for each of the 4 college students for their trip to Croatia this summer

June 7 Pray for the Arli, Gurbet & Chergash teams as they edit their translations of Acts, James & the Gospel of John

June 8 Pray Pam’s Sunday school teaching with youth girls will help them grow spiritually

June 9 Pray that many Roma would read or listen to our Roma Bible translations online

June 10 Pray for God to prepare hearts of Roma kids in Croatia for their regular clubs & also for this summer’s ministries

June 11 Pray for Todd preaching on missions at CrossWay Bible Church, Blue Springs, MO

June 12 Pray for edifying daily family Bible reading & song time for each of us

June 13 Pray for Todd & the Arli translators for clarity & accuracy as they translate Acts

June 14 Pray for us & 4 others preparing to go to Croatia, studying language & preparing for songs & skits

June 15 Pray our adult kids who are believers will zealously pursue the Lord daily

June 16 Pray for wisdom, health & unity for our teammates in Croatia: Andy, Lim, Sergej & Željka

June 17 Pray Pam’s music ministry at our church will lead others to worship

June 18 Pray for Todd teaching adult Equipping Hour on Infallibility & Inerrancy of the Bible at CrossWay Bible Church

June 19 Pray for wisdom for Todd as he prepares to consult on the translation drafts of Acts in the Arli, Gurbet & Chergash languages

June 20 Pray for each of our children who needs saving faith, for soft hearts & the gift of repentance & faith

June 21 Pray for Todd & the Gurbet translators for clarity & accuracy as they translate the second half of Acts

June 22 Pray for Todd & the Chergash translators for clarity & accuracy as they translate the second half of Acts

June 23 Pray for Daniel learning to drive & Todd teaching him; for safety & good driving skills

June 24 Praise God for the funds to minister in Croatia & to be able to take needed supplies with us on the 28th for 2 weeks for children’s club

June 25 Pray for us speaking on missions at Newburg-Chester Church, Grinnell, IA, this morning

June 26 Pray for God to use our trip to Croatia to give a missions vision to the college students & to our own kids

June 27 Pray for last-minute packing & preparations & good sleep before we leave for Croatia tomorrow

June 28 Pray for us as we fly to Croatia today for our summer outreach: health, safety & luggage

June 29 Pray for strength after long hours of flights & to quickly adjust from jet lag in Croatia

June 30 Pray as we practice songs & act out Bible skits in full costume as a team for Roma VBS

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