Prayer for translation progress in southern Hungary

Please continue to pray for Anikó and Lívia as they work on translating passages from the Gospels of Luke and John. pray for energy and time to translate along with their full-time jobs pray for that they will find their adequacy in the Lord in this very difficult job, one they’ve never done before prayContinue reading “Prayer for translation progress in southern Hungary”

It doesn’t take much

It doesn’t take much. Hand them a bagful of groceries from your pantry. Smile. Ask how the baby is doing. Give a greeting in their Roma dialect. Her brown eyes are soft as she breaks into a shy smile. Her young skeptical face, now beams. A handshake and a greeting. They walk away down theContinue reading “It doesn’t take much”

Praise report on Saturday’s Bible translation session

Thank you for praying for my trip on Saturday. It was a long and tiring 14 hour day, but the Lord was very gracious. To get to where I meet with the translators, I first drove 2 hours south to first pick up Gergely at a train stop and Anikó at her house in herContinue reading “Praise report on Saturday’s Bible translation session”

Prayer and praise for Joy Hill’s support

Thank you all for praying for our teammate, Joy Hill, in Melbourne, Australia. (See my previous post at and her great video at Joy is raising financial support to come back to the field to serve as my secretary/PA and we are thrilled that she is coming. It would be wonderful if sheContinue reading “Prayer and praise for Joy Hill’s support”

Corrected link for “Read another page, she asked; Christmas shoe boxes (part 2); Year-end giving” e-mail

After I sent out our most recent e-mail, I realized that the link from “See more pictures here” under the section “Christmas Shoe Boxes (part 2)” was incorrect. It should go to our friends’ blog here: My apologies for the error.