Funeral services; traveling to Serbia & Croatia for dedication of Gospel of Luke & 50 Bible stories in 4 Roma languages

L to R: Daniel (13), Matthew (23), Todd, Todd’s mom Geri Price, Timothy (30), Pamala, Stephen (26), Ariela (10) Kirsten (17), Elizabeth (26)


The memorial for Todd’s dad, Max Price, was in Oklahoma City on July 30. We’re thankful that my mom was in good health and able to attend, and that all our kids (except Jonathan in California) were able to attend.

The burial for Pam’s dad, Mal Hughes, was in Dallas on August 13. Again, all the kids (except Jonathan in California) were able to make the trip down, and we also had a mini-family reunion with Pam’s mom, Pam’s sisters, and many of our nieces and nephews. Pictured left is the casket and flag at his burial with military honors.

Todd’s mom is doing fine in the nursing home in Oklahoma City (pictured above with Pam) and it has been good to visit her several times. Pam’s mom is preparing to pack up her house in Dallas and move into a small apartment in Kansas City to be closer to us, and to Pam’s sister, Kim.

Speaking of Kim (pictured above with Pam), it has been such a treat to live close to Kim and family and she and Pam have loved having weekly “sister time” together.

In August we celebrated Ariela’s 10th birthday and Matthew’s 23rd (pictured above)!


Drum roll, please! We have now completed the Gospel of Luke, and a separate book of 50 Bible stories with pictures in four Roma languages, and have made audio recordings of them as well. Todd has been putting the text, as well as audio files on a special website for Roma Bible translation and on YouTube. We are so excited for this milestone!

From September 5-17, Todd will be in Serbia and Croatia to meet with all the Roma Bible translators and distribute the printed Gospels and Bible story books, and demonstrate to people how they can listen to the audio recordings on their phones. This will be a very full tour visiting about a dozen locations in the two countries, with 1,500 pieces of printed literature.

It is also a highly strategic time as I will introduce the new project coordinator to all the translators and help him make plans for the second phase of the project as we translate more of the New Testament in five Roma languages. I will continue my full-time work on the Bible translations, but move up to the higher level of being one of the consultants who does the final check of the translations.

We completed the consultant check for the Gospel of Luke in the 5th Roma language (Ludari), logging 199 hours on Zoom over a 10-month period, meeting virtually in the US and Croatia. We will continue to translate Luke & the Bible stories in this 5th language, which is due January 2022.

Please pray that all of us traveling from the US, Slovakia and Croatia can cross the borders without problems from COVID, that all the books will be printed on time, and that we can show dozens of Roma how to listen to the Bible on their phones.

Thank you so much for your prayers for us!
Todd & Pamala Price

2 thoughts on “Funeral services; traveling to Serbia & Croatia for dedication of Gospel of Luke & 50 Bible stories in 4 Roma languages

  1. Dear Friends, We continue in prayer for you, using your monthly calendar.
    Praise the Lord for the progress in the translations and printing of the books, and for the audio recordings. May the Lord bring much blessing to those you meet overseas. Trusting and praying that you can “cross borders”. Also for safety and good health.
    We love to see your photos, and the one of (most of) the family is very lovely. You were in our prayers on the days when you travelled to and attended the funerals of your parents. May I ask where Pam’s father served in the military, so that he received a military burial?
    God bless you abundantly. Kris and Evelyn

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