Our daily prayer calendar for July 2019 (The Prices Write, part 2)

For this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing, click below:

July 1 Pray for spiritual commitment & growth for Kirsten at the MK camp in Croatia

July 2 Pray for a smooth move for co-workers Andy & Lim into new house in Roma village

July 3 Pray we will receive our renewed annual Croatian visa cards as soon as possible

July 4 Pray we can get our Croatian car tags renewed very soon (dependent on our visa cards)

July 5 Praise God we have been able to use a friend’s car while waiting to register our own car

July 6 Pray for progress with Daniel’s home vision therapy for his dyslexia

July 7 Pray for edifying family devotions together & good learning for Daniel, Ariela & Kirsten

July 8 Pray for Matthew living in Oakland, CA, to experience God in a powerful way in his life

July 9 Pray for Timothy to be a powerful witness at work & for safety in his travels

July 10 Pray for God’s empowerment for Djena & Biljana translating the Gospels into Chergash dialect

July 11 Pray for good local Croatian friends for Ariela & Daniel & for Croatian language learning for them

July 12 Pray for much wisdom for Joy Hill in important decisions she is making

July 13 Pray for the remaining $215 per month in pledges we need to have our full support pledged

July 14 Pray our family will be edified spiritually, rested physically & encouraged emotionally each Sunday

July 15 Pray for English-Croatian VBS at our church here in Slavonski Brod this week

July 16 Pray for VBS kids to understand the Gospel, come to Christ & grow in faith

July 17 Pray for Goran, Naki, Kada & Sasha translating into Gurbet & Arli, to work well & make good progress

July 18 Pray for Daniel & Ariela at English/Croatian VBS this week

July 19 Pray for co-workers & summer teams preparing for upcoming kids Bible school & teen camp

July 20 Pray for wisdom & accuracy for Zoki translating Bible stories in Ludari dialect

July 21 Pray for many visitors to come to church who attended VBS & to respond to the Gospel

July 22 Pray for Natasha, Renata & Nedeljko to make wise, fast, accurate progress on the Bayash NT translation

July 23 Pray for Elizabeth & Stephen’s next steps & type of ministry to have

July 24 Pray for Djena & Biljana to make good progress in the Chergash translation, working together well

July 25 Pray for relief from Todd’s chronic back pain while sitting or lying down

July 26 Pray for smooth travels for summer teamers arriving in Italy before coming to Croatia

July 27 Pray for Jonathan living in Oakland, CA, to experience God in a powerful way in his life

July 28 Pray God will provide two Ludari speakers as part- or full-time Bible translators so we can make faster progress on Bible stories & begin Luke

July 29 Pray for speed & efficiency for Todd checking the Bible translations in 5 Roma languages, for us to finish Gospel of Luke

July 30 Pray for additional national & missionary workers to speed the 5 Roma Bible translation projects along

July 31 Pray for Pam’s sister & family & mom who care for Pam’s dad with advanced Alzheimer’s–for strength, patience & joy

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