Summer Outreach Recap (The Prices Write, September 2018, part 1)

Ariela celebrating her 7th birthday at Bible camp with cake made by Kirsten and our summer teamers

Thank you for praying for our summer outreaches. We held children’s Bible clubs in three Roma villages, with about 200 Roma kids attending and a couple dozen interested mothers and a few dads as well.

This was a great opportunity to spend time with the Roma kids and teach them about the Lord using songs, skits to act out Bible stories, games, crafts and coloring sheets.

We also had a Bible camp with about 30 older kids at a retreat center. Through Bible teaching, worship, skits, games, crafts and small group discussion, we sought to sow the seed of God’s truths among these kids.


Topics included love (the story of the Good Samaritan), forgiveness (the story of the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18), God’s protection (Jesus calming the storm) and hard-hitting topics like how to respond properly to drunken parents who beat kids and moms, which is an unfortunate reality in too many Roma homes. As we met in our small group to discuss this topic, one teenage boy said quite matter-of-factly, “Yes, one time when I was 6 and was crying and screaming because I had lost my pacifier, my grandpa got mad and wanted to throw me out the upstairs window.”

Please pray that through what they heard, the Lord will bring about long-lasting spiritual fruit in these children, and also the adults in their villages, and that churches will be planted among them.

As these are Ludari and Bayash speakers, please also pray we can get the Bible translated for them into their Roma dialects.

Todd & Pamala Price
(Kirsten, Daniel, Ariela)

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