Daily Prayer Calendar for September 2018 (The Prices Write, part 2)



For our prayer calendar in a format for printing, click here: Price prayer letter for 09-2018.

Sept 1 Pray for Timothy to find a good job that uses his wonderful gifts

Sept 2 Pray for spiritual & numerical growth for Slavonski Brod Baptist Church as a result of their summer outreaches

Sept 3 Pray for Todd traveling to Romania for the Gypsy Lore Society annual meetings

Sept 4 Pray as Todd presents a paper on Bayash Bible translation at the Gypsy Lore Society meetings in Romania

Sept 5 Pray for open doors & interest in our work to translate the Bible into Bayash

Sept 6 Pray for Sasha, Kada & Todd for accuracy & clarity in translating Luke into the Arli language

Sept 7 Pray for Todd returning from Romania today, for stamina & for safety

Sept 8 Today is Todd’s dad’s 81st birthday! Pray for his complete recovery from colon cancer.

Sept 9 Pray for spiritual encouragement for Pastor Miro & wife Ivana serving in Nova Gradiška Baptist Church

Sept 10 Pray for guidance as Todd studies Luke for Bible translation in the 4 Roma languages

Sept 11 Pray we can find a Ludari language teacher in Slavonski Brod to teach Todd

Sept 12 Pray for strength & provision in all details for Joy Hill currently caring for a family member in Australia

Sept 13 Pray for Pam for daily wisdom & faith in teaching, parenting & encouraging others

Sept 14 Pray for good Croatian language learning for Ariela & Daniel

Sept 15 Pray for Goran, Naki & Todd for accuracy & clarity in translating Luke into the Gurbet language

Sept 16 Praise for good jobs in California for Matthew; pray for connection with believers & to see God’s work in his life

Sept 17 Pray for Natasha, Renata, Nedeljko & Todd for accuracy & clarity in translating Luke into the Bayash language

Sept 18 Pray for Jonathan to see the goodness of God in his life each day

Sept 19 Pray for Elizabeth & Stephen in Albania for the 10 Roma families they are working with to come to Christ

Sept 20 Pray for Biljana, Djeno & Todd for accuracy & clarity in translating Luke into Bayash

Sept 21 Today is Todd’s 52nd birthday. Pray for him to bear spiritual fruit & bring great glory to God.

Sept 22 Pray for God to raise up Christian workers to serve year round in the Roma village in Sisak

Sept 23 Pray for protection, health & stamina for Pam’s mom as she sorts, packs & sells her house to move to TX

Sept 24 Praise for resources here for Daniel’s engineering mind to be creative with & his help in fixing things for us

Sept 25 Pray for accuracy preparing Greek NT text for use in Bible translation software

Sept 26 Pray for national Croatian partners translating Bible translation reference materials for the Roma to use

Sept 27 Praise for Ariela’s quick learning, her sweetness & for friends she made with our summer teamers

Sept 28 Pray for progress in preparing Greek dictionary for us in Bible translation software

Sept 29 Pray for Kirsten to always follow the Lord closely with her whole heart

Sept 30 Pray for D.A.R. studying Luke for our upcoming Roma Bible translation checking sessions

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