Fresh praises and prayer requests

Here are some new prayer requests and praises:

  1. Praise God for successful summer outreaches to about 200 Roma children in three locations this summer. We had 10 summer workers from the States and a great team of Croatian partners. Please pray that the truths the kids heard from the Bible will bear much fruit in their lives over the long-term and that God would plant sound churches in each of these Roma villages.



2. Praise God for progress being made in the Bible translation work. We are currently working on Luke chapters 4-7 in four Roma languages (Arli, Chergash, Gurbet and Bayash).

3. Please pray for continued progress in the Bible translation work, that we can produce an accurate and clear translation of Luke 4-12 in these four languages by the end of October.


4. Pray for our children, both grown and at home, to always love the Lord with all their hearts and to walk in all His ways.


5. Pray for our parents, three of whom are battling serious diseases and the fourth who needs to sell her home and move to another state.


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