Back together as a family!

We are back together as a family! Pamala, Kirsten, Daniel and Ariela arrived in Kansas City the night of May 26. The following day was our anniversary so the timing was perfect. We’ve located a house in Kansas City and plan to sign a one-year lease and move in the first week of June, LordContinue reading “Back together as a family!”

Time-sensitive prayer request: possible rent-free house!

Prayer request: As you know, we have been looking for a place to rent while we live in KC. Although we had planned to sign a lease this Thursday to move into a townhouse for $1255 in monthly rent, we found out yesterday that there is a possibility that a different house might become availableContinue reading “Time-sensitive prayer request: possible rent-free house!”

Matthew's car sold; referrals sent to other hospitals; moving to KC this weekend

That was fast! The weather in Slavonski Brod, Croatia: sometimes sunny, sometimes snowy! Once again, I wanted to thank you all for your prayers for Matthew and us. Here’s the latest: We have now finished the paperwork requesting that Matthew’s medical records be sent to three hospitals along with a referral from his UCSF surgeon,Continue reading “Matthew's car sold; referrals sent to other hospitals; moving to KC this weekend”