Our daily prayer calendar for September 2022

For this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing out, click download below:

September 1 Pray for Todd as he prepares to preach this Sunday, for God’s guidance, insight, wisdom & power

September 2 Pray for Todd as he prepares class lectures for teaching Sociolinguistics in Serbo-Croatian in Slovakia

September 3 Pray as Pam’s mom’s apartment flooded that we can get things moved & that they will reimburse her for all damages

September 4 Pray for Todd preaching at CrossWay Bible Church, Blue Springs, MO, this morning, for God to be glorified & His saints edified

September 5 Pray for fruitful men’s Bible study for Todd & Daniel attending monthly at the home of one of our elders

September 6 Pray for wisdom for Todd grading Bible translation course assignments from Roma translators

September 7 Pray as Todd flies to Slovakia today (KC-New York-Vienna-Košice, Slovakia) for safety & good rest in transit

September 8 Pray for Todd to quickly get over jet lag & for a very fruitful 3-day conference with the Roma Bible translators

September 9 Pray for Roma in Sisak, Croatia, to listen to & read Luke & 50 Bible stories which they recently received in their language

September 10 Pray for fruitfulness & diligence for home schooling & for Wednesday classes for Daniel & Ariela, & for Pam as she teaches

September 11 Pray for Pam’s ministry of helping lead Ariela’s group at American Heritage Girls this school year

September 12 Pray for Todd all this week as he teaches Sociolinguistics in Serbo-Croatia to the Roma Bible translators in Slovakia

September 13 Pray the translators would learn much in their 2 classes in Sociolinguistics & Bible translation principles

September 14 Pray that God will draw to Himself each of our children who need salvation, as well as their friends

September 15 Pray for a growing desire to know God more & worship in person with other believers for our kids who are believers

September 16 Pray for Pam as she prepares & then serves on worship team & teaching youth girls’ Sunday school this weekend

September 17 Pray for Todd flying home from Slovakia for safety, rest on the flights & luggage to arrive safely

September 18 Pray for good rest for Todd & to get over jet lag quickly

September 19 Pray for the Arli, Gurbet & Chergash teams as they edit their translations of Matthew, 1-2 Timothy & Titus

September 20 Pray that our children (both adults & younger ones) will love & read God’s Word & take it seriously

September 21 Today is Todd’s 56th birthday. Pray for the joy of the Lord to be his strength every day!

September 22 Pray for Todd & the Gurbet translators for clarity & accuracy as we work together translating Matthew 21-28

September 23 Praise God for our generous monthly financial supporters! Pray God will bless & provide for them abundantly.

September 24 Pray Todd can be a blessing to his mom as he visits her at her OKC nursing home this weekend

September 25 Pray for us as a family to enjoy & be edified through our family devotions & good Bible teaching & sermons

September 26 Pray for wisdom for Todd as he checks the translations of Matthew 21-28 in Arli, Chergash & Gurbet

September 27 Pray for Todd & the Arli translators for clarity & accuracy as we work together translating Matthew 21-28

September 28 Pray for Todd & Pam preparing & teaching Bible studies at our church on Wednesdays in the Fall

September 29 Pray for Todd & the Chergash translators for clarity & accuracy as we work together translating Matthew 21-28

September 30 Pray that our monthly financial support will remain at our current level of full support. Praise God for providing all we need!

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