Our daily prayer calendar for December 2021

“… then hear from heaven your dwelling place their prayer and their pleas, and maintain their cause and forgive your people who have sinned against you.”
(2 Chr. 6:39 ESV)

For this list in a calendar format for printing, download here:

December 1 Pray for Pam’s mom, 91, packing to move from Cross Roads, TX, to Belton, MO, to be close to Pam’s sister, Kim, and us

December 2 Pray for Pam, Daniel & Ariela in Cross Roads, TX, until 12/15, helping her mom pack for her move, then clearing out the house

December 3 Praise God for Pam’s nieces in Texas helping with the younger cousins while the 4 moms pack Pam’s mom’s stuff for her move

December 4 Pray for Pam, Todd & brothers-in-law packing U-Haul truck for Pam’s mom’s move, for safety, space efficiency & wisdom

December 5 Pray Todd’s mom can get on Medicaid ASAP & that it will cover all her nursing home costs

December 6 Pray we can finish 50 Bible stories & Gospel of Luke in the Ludari language, & print & record them by the end of January

December 7 Praise God for Matthew getting his prosthetic arm; pray for him to learn to use it well & for needed adjustments to be made correctly

December 8 Pray for full time work for Matthew in an office with a team of designers in Atlanta in the User Experience design field

December 9 Pray for resolution in our favor of outstanding hospital bills from Matthew’s accident & hospital bills from Jan. & Feb. 2020

December 10 Pray for insurance to cover all of the costs for Matthew’s prosthetic arm

December 11 Pray for provision of $1,200 we lack in monthly financial pledges

December 12 Pray for fast progress for Todd, Sergej, Zoki & Stanoja editing Luke, 50 Bible stories and glossary as a team

December 13 Pray for fast progress testing Luke & 50 Bible stories in the Roma community & to get good, quality feedback & make proper corrections

December 14 Pray for Todd traveling to Oklahoma City; for a good visit with his mom, Geri, at the nursing home

December 15 Pray for Pam, Daniel & Ariela returning from Cross Roads, TX, for safety & strength & for a good visit with Geri enroute

December 16 Pray for Gurbet translation team to work well together; for progress on drafting books of OT & beginning their courses in Bible translation

December 17 Pray that all goes well with closing today on the house we are purchasing in Belton, MO

December 18 Pray for Saša & Nikola translating student notes from English to Serbian for the translators who will take Diploma in Bible Translation courses

December 19 Praise God we can take possession of house today & for Dan’s helpfulness in using his trailer to move some furniture there

December 20 Pray for Matthew flying to KC from Atlanta, & for successful arm surgery tomorrow to shorten his limb to decrease pull on his neck

December 21 Pray for Jonathan flying to KC from San Francisco to spend Christmas break with us until Jan. 4

December 22 Pray for speed & accuracy doing spell check of Luke, 50 Bible stories & glossary in the Ludari Roma language

December 23 Pray for fruitful evangelistic outreaches these days in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia

December 24 Pray for the salvation our unsaved children and for countless numbers of Roma

December 25 Praise God for his sacrificial love sending Jesus to be the Savior, our Messiah!

December 26 Pray for our children who are believers to be spiritually strong, stay in the Word & to courageously identify with Christ

December 27 Pray for Todd preparing sermon to preach at CrossWay Bible Church, Blue Springs, MO next Sunday

December 28 Pray for 2-3 needed translators for the Chergash language to be able to translate more of New Testament

December 29 Pray that The World for the World can set up local offices in Croatia & Serbia as this infrastructure is needed in order to continue the Roma Bible translations

December 30 Pray for joy, strength & encouragement for Andy, Lim, Sergej & Željka ministering to Roma in Slavonski Brod, Croatia

December 31 Pray for 2-3 needed translators for the Bayash language to be able to translate more of New Testament

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