The Prices Write (December 2021, part 1)

Ready to celebrate Thanksgiving!
Celebrating together at our place in Independence, MO
Getting ready ahead of time!
Sisters! (Ariela 10, Elizabeth 26)
Each year at Thanksgiving we make a list of some of the things for which we are thankful that year.

FAMILY UPDATE We enjoyed a relaxing family Thanksgiving at home. We’re thankful that Timothy, Elizabeth and Stephen are local in Kansas City so they were able to join us. We also enjoyed video chatting with Jonathan (in San Francisco) and Matthew (in Atlanta). Matthew was able to move to Atlanta in early November, where he’s looking for work and will be near a friend from childhood. That same week, he finally received his prosthetic arm, 20 months after his accident. Hallelujah!

TRANSLATION PROGRESS I’ve been meeting with Zoki and Stanoja (in Croatia) over Zoom and we are close to finishing the edit of 50 chronological Bible stories in the Ludari language. Our next step will be to work on translating the glossary which we will print with the Gospel of Luke to explain some of the difficult or theological words that most Ludari Roma are not familiar with.

MONEY MATTERS Thank you all for your kind and faithful financial support. We are so grateful for your generosity. We are so thankful that extra donations have been filling the gap, but our monthly pledges are currently short $1,200 per month. We ask that you please pray that this amount will be pledged soon by individuals and churches who want to support our work monthly for the sake of Bible translation for the Roma. Thank you! (For those who would like to give, please use the information at the bottom of this page.)

(For part 2 of The Prices Write, go here:

2 thoughts on “The Prices Write (December 2021, part 1)

  1. So happy and thankful to see the Price family doing so well – thankful to the Lord. A lovely Thanksgiving table with a beautiful family around it. Back in the early 70’s Ron was stationed at Richards-Gebaur AFB (now closed) so we’re quite familiar with Belton. Congratulations on your new home! Blessings to all. (I’m Andy Warner’s Mom)

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