Fall family activities; translating Ezekiel in a related Roma language (The Prices Write, November 2021)

FAMILY UPDATE: In October we enjoyed the cooler Fall weather, as you can see from the pictures below:

ABOVE AND BELOW: Ariela (10) and Daniel (13) love doing tricks & flips on the trampoline in our backyard
Our niece, Priscilla, from Dallas visiting with Pam & Kim
Daniel enjoyed a survival day camp out with friends
The family attended a Slavic Festival (see the Croatia flag to the right) right here in Sugar Creek, near our home in Independence, MO. (Croats, Serbs & Bosnians are Slavic peoples.)
Experiencing the American cultural evening of a visit to a pumpkin patch. The kids had fun on this outing with cousins & fellow home schoolers.
Ariela & Pamala celebrating some of the last of the nice weather with a tea party on our front porch
Celebrating Elizabeth’s half marathon in Kansas City!

As part of my training to become a Bible translation consultant, I checked several chapters of Ezekiel in the Eastern Slovak Roma language. Those working on the translation have done a great job and are now finishing this last book and preparing to print the completed Bible, a huge milestone. It was a joy to check the last verse in the last chapter (Ezekiel 48:34) of the final book they are translating. This is a hard book and a hard chapter to translate, but it ends with a very encouraging statement, reminding us of the glorious future that awaits God’s children: (in that Roma language) “O foros pes ole dživesestar vičinela: o RAJ hino ode”; (in English): “From now on the city will be called: the LORD is there”

For our 5th language, Ludari, our teammate, Sergej has been checking Luke chapter 9 in the Roma village in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, with our translators, Zoki and Stanoja. I have been checking chronological Bible stories 1-8 in Ludari, and examining the translation of key biblical terms in Luke to check for inconsistencies and spelling errors, as well as editing the first several glossary entries in that language.

I recently attended a four-day virtual conference on Bible translation which was very informative and helpful.

In October we spoke about Bible translation to a group of senior saints at a retirement center, John Knox Village, in Kansas City, spoke at a missions conference in KC, and I was interviewed for a podcast, which you can listen to here.

Thank you for your financial and prayer support for Bible translation for Roma!

Todd & Pamala Price (Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel & Ariela)

ABOVE AND BELOW: One of the Roma translators in Serbia distributed more copies of the Gospel of Luke & 50 chronological Bible stories in the Arli and Gurbet languages at this Roma church

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