The Prices Write (October 2021)

Chergash Roma reading Bible stories

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers while I (Todd) was in Serbia and Croatia, September 5-17.

Gospel of Luke, 50 Bible stories, and biblical glossary in the Arli language

We praise God that we were able to print books which contained the Gospel of Luke, 50 stories from creation to the return of Christ, and a glossary explaining important biblical terms. We printed 750 copies in the Arli language (red cover), 200 in the Gurbet language (green cover), 200 in the Chergash language (orange color) and 200 in the Bayash language (blue color)

We also printed 50 copies in each language of books containing these 50 Bible stories with pictures, specifically for children and for adults just learning to read.

Todd playing the audio recording of the story of the Prodigal Son in the Bayash language

Along with the translators, I and the new project coordinator traveled to a dozen locations and distributed copies through local Roma churches in Croatia and Serbia. At the churches, we would play the audio version of the story of the prodigal son in whichever language the people spoke. Everyone was very attentive and listened well. We were thrilled with the feedback as the people told us they could understand the stories in their languages.

One highlight was what happened with a man who cannot read and who for 10 years has been attending the church pastored by one of our translators. The pastor and his wife rarely get much of a response from him when they ask if he has understood what they have been preaching. But when he heard the story in Bayash played over the speaker, he got so excited. He told the pastor’s wife that he understood every word, and he started summarizing the story back to her in Croatian. This is the most he has ever responded to them in church. Praise God!

At the churches we also handed out business cards with the website and YouTube address where people can listen to Luke and the 50 Bible stories in audio recordings.

Though most Roma have never read in their language, it was so encouraging to see them try, and to hear them begin reading right away.

Thank you so much for your prayers. We rejoice in what the Lord is doing and give Him all the glory!

Todd & Pamala Price (Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel & Ariela)

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