Days 12-13: God’s Word for the Roma in Croatia and Serbia

It was great to see our Croatian teammates, Željka and Sergej

After our two day stay in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, where we used to live, we drove three hours northeast to the Roma village of our Bayash translators. It was wonderful to see them again, and we enjoyed coffee and a huge lunch together!

They shared some of their background and testimony with Pierre so he could get to know them better, and afterwards we met to discuss the new structure that we will be putting in place for the next phase of the Bible translation projects. It was good to talk through several issues and have a very special prayer time together.

After that, Nedeljko’s uncle came over to the house. We played the audio from YouTube for five or six of the Bible stories and gave him a copy of Luke and the Bible stories in the Bayash language. He said he understood it all, encouraged us in the work of Bible translation and prayed for us. I was especially encouraged to hear this Roma brother in the Lord pray that this Word would take root in the hearts of many Roma.

After that, we walked down several streets of the Roma village and gave books to those who were interested, as well as the business cards that give the web site address where they can find the translation online and where they can listen to the translation in audio. We ended up attracting a lot of kids and sort of felt like the Pied Piper walking down the street and playing six or seven Bible stories over the portable loud speaker! See the picture below.

We enjoyed supper with our translators, Nataša, Renata, and Nedeljko at their house then headed to a local motel. The next day, after breakfast and coffee, we drove half an hour to the largest Roma village in Croatia, where about 2,000 Bayash live. Nedeljko’s sister lives there so we met at her house and had a special time of prayer with her. There used to be a church of about 50 that met in her house, but it no longer exists and unfortunately the village is plagued with immorality, alcoholism, drugs and crime. We had a special time of prayer that the Lord would do a great work among the Roma of that village and in her life and family as well.

I was encouraged that we could play two or three chapters of Luke in the Bayash language, while his sister and her daughter-in-law followed along in the printed versions. Another young mother came by with her three little children. We played a couple Bible stories in audio, and then left 25 copies of Luke, and 10 copies of the Bible stories with pictures for them to give out in the future to those who are interested.

Loading up Nedeljko’s car with Luke and the Bible stories in the Bayash language when we picked them up from the printer
On the left, 50 Bible stories without pictures, the Gospel of Luke and a glossary explaining biblical terms. On the right, 50 Bible stories with pictures.
Reading from the Gospel of Luke

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