Prayer for phase 2 of the Bible translation

Luke in the Bayash language

We are almost done with phase 1 of the Bible translation project, which is translating the Gospel of Luke and 50 chronological Bible stories in five Roma languages. Phase 2 will involve continuing on with this project by translating more of the New Testament in as many of these five language as we can.

In order to be able to get the translation work done faster, we have asked The Word for the World (TWFTW) Bible Translators to take over coordination of the project. The details and logistics to organize phase 2 are myriad and we need the Lord’s clear guidance. I wanted to lay out a few prayer requests and ask you to keep them in prayer over the next few months (October 2021-March 2022) as we transition into phase 2:

  1. Pray that God will raise up 2 or 3 translators for each of the 5 languages. The requirements will be higher now: the translators must work full time on the project (with no other outside employment); they must be working on earning a Diploma in Bible Translation; and some of them must know English well; members of the translation team need to be from different families, villages and churches if possible. Because of new requirements, some of the current translators can continue on the project, but some will not be able to.
  2. Pray that TWFTW can set up affiliates in Croatia and Serbia, and for God to raise up Roma, Croatian and Serbian pastors and church leaders to be on the boards of these TWFTW affiliates, to oversee the projects and help with the reviewing of the Bible translation drafts.
  3. Pray for Pierre van Vuuren of TWFTW to have much wisdom as he makes many decisions including choosing Bible translators, negotiating salaries, setting up all the infrastructure for the teams and affiliate offices, managing translators’ contracts, implementing the training for the Diploma in Bible translation for the translators, and working with local churches and governments.
  4. Pray for me as I will become one of the Bible translation consultants, which means I will be able to focus my full time on exegesis from the biblical languages and interpretation in the Roma languages, and consulting and advising the Roma translators, and approving of the final translations. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s enablement and guidance for this role.
Pierre van Vuuren discussing upcoming changes with translation team members
Distributing copies in the Arli language
Pierre discussing new requirements with the translators
Todd and Pierre
Above and below: Pierre preaching at a Roma church

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    1. Yes. I will still be raising all my own financial support and will be full-time in Bible translation, but I can do it all from the States via Zoom and Skype.

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