Family update & Bible translation progress

Reading time over Christmas break is the best!
Kringlas, our traditional Norwegian cookies
Home schooling story time, while Daniel carves a handle for one of his homemade knives


Daniel (12) and Ariela (9) are homeschooling as well as enjoying a weekly home school co-op. We’re thankful for this great opportunity to learn and to make friends. They are both excited as they received the parts they wanted in theater class to perform Peter Pan Jr. at the end of this school year. Daniel has done a great job making knives, bullwhips and slingshots by hand and has sold several of his creations.

We haven’t gotten much snow in KC, but the kids have enjoyed what we have gotten.

Kirsten (who turns 17 on Valentine’s Day) is working at Target and taking a full class load as an early college student at Calvary University.

I, Todd, had COVID-19 just after Christmas. Thankfully, aside from fatigue and a headache, I had no other symptoms. I was able to ride out the quarantine and continue working on Bible translation since I work from home, aside from needing to go to bed early, sleep late, and take naps!

My parents are in very poor heath. My mother, 82, is frail and battling Parkinson’s. My dad, 83, has been given just months to live as his cancer has returned and spread and chemotherapy is no longer effective. We are very saddened by this but grateful that in the providence of God we are here in the States so we can spend time with them.

Sasa and the team as we edit the Gospel of Luke in the Arli language

We continue to meet with our Roma translators and translation consultants, usually weekday mornings from 9 a.m. until noon, which is 4-7 pm in Croatia and Serbia. We completed the consultant check of the Gospel of Luke in the Bayash language, have less than a chapter to complete Luke in the Arli language, have two and a half chapters left to complete the Chergash language, five and a half chapters to complete the Gurbet language, and still about 17 chapters to finish in the Ludari language. As Luke is completed in these languages, it is being made into an audio recording for distribution and we will then be printing it as well. This is a dream come true, indeed!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.
Todd & Pamala (Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel, Ariela)

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    Christina Gross says:

    Wonderful update! Praying!

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