Matthew finished UX course; Croatian food in KC; completed draft of Luke, started Matthew

Even with all the setbacks Matthew has gone through, this Saturday he finished the certificate course through Berkely Extension in San Francisco for UX (user experience for web and app design), that he started last year, with a delay of only about 3 months! The COVID situation turned out to be a blessing in that all classes moved to online so he could finish in Kansas City even though he started in San Francisco. He’s now looking for work in the field of UX. Know anyone hiring?
We celebrated this weekend by going out as a family to play miniature golf. See Pam’s finger above; she got 2 back-to-back holes in one!
We are excited that we can still get Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbian food at a grocery store in Kansas City. We were in the neighborhood recently and stocked up! No, the shelves were not full and we didn’t single-handedly clean them out! Supplies are just low due to COVID, but they still have a lot of the foods we are used to from Croatia and Bosnia.With laptops and the Internet, I can work from almost anywhere. So why not translate the Bible while Pam does the grocery shopping? I’m so excited that last week I finished the first major version of the Gospel of Luke and this week started on the Gospel of Matthew. Praise God for each of the Roma translators who continue to do their essential translation part back in their homes in Croatia and Serbia (though probably not in the grocery store! :).
Thanks for your love, prayers, and financial support!

2 thoughts on “Matthew finished UX course; Croatian food in KC; completed draft of Luke, started Matthew

  1. Congratulations to Matthew for being able to finish his study. We trust God to give him a place to work using what he has learned. Has he recovered well from his surgery?
    Does it take Pam a long time to do the shopping?!!!! Long enough that it is worthwhile for you to get out your laptop! Exciting to hear about progress in the translations.
    It’s a special treat to be able to get foods from your second home country. We enjoy Dutch foods. Kris was born in Holland, but came to Australia when he was 5. So he is mainly Aussie!
    Beautiful trees under which to play mini-golf. God bless you all. Kris and Evelyn

  2. Thank you for your prayers. Yes, Matthew is recovering well from the surgery.
    Good question: No, Pamala doesn’t usually take that long to shop, but we were out running errands and I had my laptop, so made the most of the day.
    Blessings to you all!

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