Daily prayer calendar for Dec. 2018 (The Prices Write, part 3)

(For this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing, click here: Price prayer letter for 12-2018 page 2).


Dec 1 Pray for God’s wisdom & guidance when we edit the Chergash translation of Luke 7-8 with Djeno & Biljana

Dec 2 Pray for Natasha, Renata & Nedjeljko for God’s enabling power to do Bible translation into Bayash

Dec 3 Pray for Goran, Kada, Naki & Sasha traveling to our house for translation sessions in Arli & Gurbet

Dec 4 Ask God to enable us as we edit Luke 8 in Arli & Gurbet today, for His words to be given to us

Dec 5 Ask God to help Naki and Sasha learn to use the new Bible translation software & translation notes

Dec 6 Pray for Todd preparing to preach Sunday for wisdom, insight, help to prepare in Croatian

Dec 7 Pray for Timothy helping Pam’s mom prepare to move next week from Albia, IA, to Crossroads, TX

Dec 8 Pray for God’s enabling for Todd to prepare Luke 8-10 for an upcoming translation consultant workshop

Dec 9 Pray for Todd as he preaches at the Slavonski Brod Baptist Church, for God to be glorified & His church edified

Dec 10 Praise God for Grant who is stepping in to help with the NT Greek grammar & dictionary for Bible translation

Dec 11 Pray for strength for Pam’s mom moving tomorrow, with all the last minute details & for good moving weather

Dec 12 Pray we can get verse-by-verse notes translated into Croatian to help the Roma in editing their Bible translation drafts

Dec 13 Pray for the Lord to work powerfully among the Ludari Roma to translate Bible stories for the first time in their language

Dec 14 Pray we can keep up with all our administrative tasks & manage the work of all the Roma & Croatian translators

Dec 15 Pray for a great time of worship in English at the International Church tomorrow & time with friends in Budapest

Dec 16 Pray we can close down our Hungarian phone contract & settle our Hungarian car tax bill while visiting Budapest tomorrow

Dec 17 Pray for Stephen & Elizabeth as we drive them from Hungary to be with us for Christmas & Matthew flying in tomorrow

Dec 18 Pray God would enable the writing of the NT Greek dictionary & grammar to help nationals in the task of Bible translation

Dec 19 Praise God for Todd’s mom’s birthday today & for daily strength & joy with Parkinson’s

Dec 20 Pray for a blessed time for Djeno & Biljana as their son gets married this Saturday & that we will be a blessing to them

Dec 21 Pray for spiritually healthy conversations with Matthew visiting & for his faith to develop & grow

Dec 22 Pray for special spiritual time for Jonathan & Timothy visiting Oklahoma City with Todd’s parents & sister

Dec 23 Pray for Joy to be strengthened spiritually during her furlough these next few months in Australia

Dec 24 Pray for Kirsten to be hungry for the Word & spiritual growth, & for exemplary believing friends

Dec 25 Thank God for sending His Son. Merry Christmas!

Dec 26 Pray for those over us in Pioneers as they make many important leadership decisions

Dec 27 Pray as Elizabeth & Stephen return to Albania, & Matthew to the States

Dec 28 Praise God for 3 new people translating reference materials into Croatian to assist our Roma translators

Dec 29 Pray for good progress in accurately, clearly translating these translation helps in a timely manner

Dec 30 Praise God for spiritual eagerness & growth in Daniel & Ariela

Dec 31 Praise God that Daniel can go to Taekwan-do & Ariela to ballet for language learning & friends


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