Day 1: Bible Carnival in Sisak

Today we had the first day of the Bible carnival in Sisak. We sang songs, acted out the story of Jesus calming the storm in Matthew 8, gave out club t-shirts, discussed the Bible story, did a craft and colored activity pages based on the Bible story. Thank you for praying.

  • Praise God
    • for a good turn out of about 100 kids and a couple dozen adults
    • for good weather (no rain and it wasn’t too hot) since all our activities are held outside in a field
    • for the sound equipment working well
    • for the skit and explanation going well
  • Please pray
    • for the children and adults to remember and think about what they heard today
    • for the Word of God to bear fruit in the lives of all those who heard
    • for God to be glorified in the village by bringing worshippers to himselfIMAG1060IMAG1066IMAG1067IMAG1071IMAG1077IMAG1078IMAG1079ZOE_0060

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