Working with our Roma Bible translators

Thank you for praying for our recent trip to work with the Roma Bible translators. In this picture we are looking over some keywords in the translation of the Gospels into Bayash.

Here we are discussing a passage we are translating into Gurbet.

We are excited about the publication of our Gurbet-Serbian-English picture dictionary.

Enjoying supper at the home of one of the Gurbet translators.

This is the cover of the Gurbet-Serbian-English picture dictionary.

In Darda we tested the written text with pictures and audio recording of a Bible story from Genesis 1 in the Bayash language.

It was fun to see their reaction when they heard it in their mother tongue.

We also tested the audio and written Bible story in Slavonski Brod.

This dear lady is over 70 and has been kind enough to teach us about her language and give us feedback on our translation draft.

There is so much to learn to make sure that the translation will clearly communicate to the various Roma groups.

Here the mayor of the village listens to the Bible story and gives us his feedback.

In Vukovar we added another Roma translator to the translation team for Arli.

It was fascinating to discuss various issues, including the complicated task of kinship terms in Chergash, and in Arli (terms used for members of a wider family).

In Leskovac we happened upon a Roma wedding celebration taking place in the street. Here they are dancing.

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