Praises & requests: yesterday’s meeting with B. and L.

Discussing Bayash Bible translation with Biljana
Discussing Bayash Bible translation with Biljana

Thank you for praying for our 7 hour, 330 mile, round trip from Budapest, Hungary, to Vrije, Croatia, and back again yesterday. It was a tiring 12 hours and we were happy to be home, but it was such a great, fruitful meeting.

1. Bob and Ljiljana, Biljana’s sister-in-law who is an amazing artist, are so excited about spreading the word about her wonderful paintings. Her first project will be a painting series of a small Roma girl learning to read, to promote the idea that words change the world, especially God’s Word, as we launch the Decade of the Book (2015-2025) to encourage literacy among the Roma.

2. Ljiljana and her husband seem very astute spiritually and Bob would love to begin a home Bible study with them. Please pray for true conversion and deep spiritual growth.

3. I gave Biljana the draft of the “Jesus is Lord” booklet which has 5 passages from the Gospel of Luke. She will begin to look over them and give me feedback. We have a draft of the New Testament in Croatian Ardelean Bayash, but it needs to be tested and checked for accuracy and understanding. We are praying that Biljana, and perhaps her brother and sister-in-law, can be a key part in helping to do that.

4. Please pray for Biljana. She is quite intimidated about using a computer and doesn’t even yet have e-mail. Pray that she can get online and that we will be able to move forward with providing her Bible translation training and that she can begin checking the draft booklet from Luke.

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