More details about today’s trip


1. In half an hour I head out the door to go to a village, Vrije, in Croatia, with my teammates. It is a 6 hour drive round trip so please pray for safety. We are driving back the same day.

2. Pray for B. The situation is difficult for B., a Bayash Roma. Without a job and her own home, her two young boys were taken away from her and given to her ex-husband in a not-so-good situation. Please pray for her and their needs. She is currently living with her sister, L.

3. Pray for B. We hope to begin training her in the use of a computer and also in translation. We are wondering if she might develop into a translator/checker for the Croatian Ardelean Bayash translation we are working on. This project has stalled for the last few years, partly because we haven’t been able to find and train mother-tongue speakers for this language who can work on the editing and testing of the draft we have. We’d be thrilled if B. was God’s provision by becoming one of those on a translation team.

Thank you that we can count on you for prayer and bring these requests to you.

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