It’s the little things

Okay, I’m excited. And when you hear why, your response will probably be: “Huh?” Why am I excited? Because I drove into town today at 9 a.m. and by noon I was back home having accomplished four errands! I got the winter tires put on our car, went to the car insurance office and got my proof of international insurance (even though you pay a year in advance, they only give you proof that covers two months, so you have to go back in person and get another one printed out every two months), made a deposit at the bank for our house rental, and got the oil changed! Okay, so that doesn’t sound so earthshaking to you, I suppose. But the fact that we are foreigners here and that I did all this in Hungarian (though it wasn’t pretty) and actually got it done instead of being told they couldn’t do it or I would need to come back another day, is a major accomplishment. Being a foreigner in a foreign land is very humbling. It keeps my prayer life fresh and keeps me depending on the Lord. The oil change here, by the way, cost $78. Ouch–no Jiffy Lube around here. But hey, the job is done. Thank God for little things.

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