30 Ideas for #GivingTuesday

We all enjoyed great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now we can turn our focus toward Giving Tuesday (today, December 2). Here are 30 ways to give:

1. Give a smile. It’s amazing how you can lift someone’s spirits just by smiling at them.

2. Give a genuine compliment. Tell someone something you appreciate about them.

3. Give $30 per month for our missionary support. If 11 more people did so, we’d have 100% pledged!

4. Friend us on Facebook where we share pictures & updates about the family & about the ministry.

5. Give $30 as a one-time gift to fund the translation of 1/2 a page of Scripture in a Roma (Gypsy) dialect.










6. Learn more about the history & plight of the Roma (Gypsies) of Europe so you can pray with better understanding.

7. Commit to pray for this ministry daily for 30 days. Our daily prayer calendar is on page 2 of each of our prayer letters.

8. Pray for these character qualities in your children (31 character qualities).

9.. Subscribe to get our e-mail prayer updates.





10. Invite us to speak to your church, Sunday school or home group during the time we are in the States for home assignment, June-December 2015. We’d love to give you an update in person about what God is doing among the Roma.

11. Follow our blog.

12. Follow us on Twitter where we share updates.

13. Like our prayer update page on Facebook.




14. Pray for a new country or province/state around the world each day using Operation World.

15. Like the Roma Bible Society page on Facebook.

16. Join iGive. Then each time you make a purchase online at one of over 1,500 stores, we get a small percentage as a donation.


17. Pray for the work of the Roma Bible Society and share their prayer requests with others.

18. Donate to our mission, Pioneers, through the Combined Federal Campaign.

19. Put a missionary’s prayer card on your refrigerator and pray for them each time you see it.

20. Share our prayer update Facebook page with your friends.

21. Plan a deferred gift (a will, a trust, etc.) to Pioneers.






22. Put up a world map in your home to remind you to pray for the nations of the world.

23. Give a corporate or matching gift.

24. Follow us on Tumblr.

25. Support Pioneers through Amazon Smile.




26. Give praise to God by reading a psalm (e.g., 104) aloud to Him as a form of worship.

27. 1+ us on and follow for prayer requests.

28. Keep up with Roma social issues to help inform your praying.

29. Give someone a hug! They could probably use it. 🙂

30. Share these ideas by clicking any of the social media share buttons below.


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