Bible stories are now printed in Ludari language; God provided a second car; Matthew’s hospital bills resolved

Our list of things for which to praise God just keeps growing! Thank you for your faithful prayers. See how God is answering!


The full-color, illustrated book with 50 chronological Bible stories in the Ludari Roma language has now been printed! We also printed these same stories in a diglot (two-language version) that has Ludari and Croatian side-by-side. The books clearly present the storyline of salvation from Creation to the return of Christ in a format that is easy to understand, both for children and for adults who are just learning to read in their Roma language.

We printed 50 copies in the Ludari language
We printed 30 copies with Ludari and Croatian side-by-side.
We printed 400 copies of Luke and these same Bible stories (but without pictures) in the Ludari language. It is the book on the far left. This shows all three books together

We praise God for reaching this milestone which officially completes phase 1 of the Bible translation project.

  • Please pray for the teams who will be handing out these books in the two largest Ludari-speaking villages in Croatia: Slavonski Brod where we lived, and Sisak where we also did regular summer ministry.
  • Please pray the Lord will open hearts and eyes to the Gospel and that through these Scriptures and stories, the Lord will bring many Roma to Himself and bring deeper spiritual growth to those who already know Christ.


The car the Lord provided

For quite some time we have been praying for a second car that Todd could use when visiting his mom in Oklahoma City and that Pam could use for early Sunday worship practice at church. (We had a different “second car” that we just passed on to Kirsten since she needed to have her own wheels in her own name). In the providence of God, Pam had mentioned this need to our new neighbors who are becoming fast friends. The next day, the wife found out that her grandmother was going to sell her car back to the dealer in a few days. We asked her to wait over the weekend and after we checked it out and found out that it was a fantastic deal (a few thousand dollars less than asking price), we bought it! Praise God. It is a 2010 and only has 80,000 miles so should last us a good long time. And it will get much better mileage than our main car (the van which we love!) which is a blessing with the rising gas prices.

You all know about Matthew’s motorcycle accident, hospital stays and surgeries from January 2020. After all the paperwork and things were done with insurance, there was still a possible outstanding bill of $60,000 which we “might” be responsible for. We continued to pray for the Lord to resolve these, and we found out last week that that bill has now been reduced to $0. Praise God for this answer to prayer.

Matthew still has expenses for his prosthetic arm and hand which are still being developed, but thanks to your generosity through the 2020 Go Fund Me campaign, we still have funds toward that.

Ariela (10) and Pam in their matching dresses
Todd being spoiled on Father’s Day
Daniel heading to a week of Bible camp with friends

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