Translating Matthew & Exodus; visiting Mom; setting up our house


There is so much to praise God for and so many answers to prayer:

Over the last two weeks, I met by Zoom with the Roma translators each work day. We were spread out between me in Kansas City (seven time zones away) and the translators in various cities in Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. I consulted and gave suggestions, corrections and training on their translations of the Gospel of Matthew, chapters 1-10, in the Arli, Chergash and Gurbet languages.

Pictured above are Goran, Marjan and Mihal. On the screen we are looking at Matthew with the Greek New Testament, several Serbian and Croatian translations, and four versions in Roma dialects.

This week and next, as part of my training as a consultant, I am meeting over Zoom with translators in Tanzania, Africa, and consultants in South Africa, to consult on Exodus in three Baantu languages spoken in the Tanzania southern Highlands. The languages are Matengo, Mpoto and Ndendeule.

In the above screen shot, we are working on Exodus chapters 4-6.

There are many exciting things we are learning as we translate Matthew and Exodus and I so wish I had the time at the moment to share some of them with you, but hopefully I will be able to when the pace slows down.


Kirsten and I were able to travel to Oklahoma City to visit my mom, Geri Price, in the nursing home and also catch up with my sister, Tracey Burton.

Though my mom sleeps a lot and does not have much strength, we are thankful that she is doing okay these days.

We are enjoying setting up our house. We recently celebrated our 33rd anniversary, which was a joy! Daniel (14) is enjoying the trampoline and Ariela (10) is enjoying playing with our new neighbors as well as the summer reading program in two local libraries.

33 years and counting
Daniel (14) setting up furniture to help Kirsten (18) move into her room at our house
Ariela showing me her log of 1000 minutes of reading for the summer library reading program

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support!

Todd & Pamala

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