Kirsten’s graduation; Ariela’s baptism; our move to new house

Kirsten (18)
Associate of Arts, Calvary University

On May 7, Kirsten (18) graduated from high school and Calvary University (Kansas City) with a two-year Associate of Arts degree in Ministry Studies. We’re so proud of her for her hard work!

Moving her tassel!
Graduation reception

On May 7-8, Ariela (10) acted, danced and sang, and Daniel (14) ran sound for the production of “Honk. Jr.” at their Wednesday school, Mighty Roots Academy.

Ariela (right) as a swan
Ariela (far right) as a frog
Ariela (far right) as snow

On May 15, we moved into the house we bought in Belton, MO. After living in rentals in a couple dozen places for all 33 years of our married life, now was the time to purchase a home and we are so grateful for the Lord’s provision. We’re so thankful for all the friends and family who helped us make the move.

Loading up our stuff out of the rental home
The house the Lord has blessed us with

On May 16, I (Todd) had the privilege of baptizing Ariela (10) at our home church, CrossWay Bible Church. We’re so proud of her for taking this step and for her enthusiastic love for Jesus!

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  1. Thank you for including us in these big events in your life. We love to see your photos.
    Congratulations too, on your 33rd wedding anniversary today. May the Lord continue to bless your marriage as you serve Him.

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