Our daily prayer calendar for May 2022 (The Prices Write)

Click below to download this prayer list formatted as a calendar for printing:

May 1 Pray for repairs on our car Kirsten uses & that it will serve her well until she can get a car of her own

May 2 Pray we can finish Daniel’s bedroom & the sunroom before we move in & for God to bless Patrick & Dan for all their work doing it

May 3 Pray for Ludari speakers in Slavonski Brod & Sisak, Croatia, to receive printed Luke & 50 Bible stories with eagerness and read them

May 4 Praise God that Pam’s mom’s heart shock treatment was successful. Pray for good heart health at age 91.

May 5 Pray for healing for Pam’s sister, Val, who injured her foot and unfortunately won’t be able to come to KC to visit for this special weekend

May 6 Pray for Ariela performing & Daniel on sound booth tonight & tomorrow at “Honk Jr.” play at Might Roots Academy

May 7 Praise God for Kirsten graduating from high school & with an Associate of Arts degree from Calvary University

May 8 Praise God for loving moms who love God & us & pray for us. Happy Mother’s Day!

May 9 Pray that many Roma will listen to audio recordings of Luke in the 5 Roma languages we published

May 10 Pray for wisdom for Todd grading the translators’ assignments from their Bible translation classes

May 11 Pray for an apartment for Kirsten to move into this month, & for full-time work & to walk with God

May 12 Pray for strength & wisdom for Pam packing & organizing our move, & for needed helpers

May 13 Pray we will stay healthy & for God’s enablement moving house from Independence to Belton, MO

May 14 Pray for good weather & safe & successful move to Belton today. Praise for friends to help!

May 15 Praise God for Ariela’s desire to obey Jesus in baptism today & for her spiritual growth

May 16 Pray God will provide a 2nd car for us that Todd can use on trips to Oklahoma City to visit his mom

May 17 Pray for Timothy’s job to be full-time with insurance benefits. Pray for good friends & interaction at church.

May 18 Praise for Jonathan’s new job working for Khan Academy. Pray he will walk with God.

May 19 Pray for good home church for Elizabeth & Stephen, good friends there & good involvement regularly

May 20 Pray for Matthew’s outstanding hospital bills from Jan./Feb. 2020 to be resolved in his favor

May 21 Pray for safe trip for Todd to Oklahoma City & to be a blessing to his mom

May 22 Pray for $200 more in monthly pledges which we lack for our missionary support.

May 23 Pray God will work mightily among Roma in Slavonski Brod, esp. in one girl with apparent demon possession

May 24 Pray for wisdom for Todd as he consults on the translation drafts of Matthew in Arli, Chergash & Gurbet

May 25 Pray for wisdom for Todd preparing to help check a Bible translation of Exodus virtually in Tanzania, Africa

May 26 Pray for the Arli, Gurbet & Chergash teams as they edit their translations of Gospel of Matthew

May 27 Today is our 33rd anniversary! Praise God for the huge blessing our marriage is to each other!

May 28 Pray for the salvation of family members, loved ones & Roma we know who still need Jesus

May 29 Pray for God’s timing to provide translators to finish New Testament in the Bayash and Ludari languages

May 30 Pray for strength to finalize cleaning the house we rented & to organize our new house in Belton

May 31 Pray for godly friend for Daniel who likes computer coding. Praise God for his reading lessons.

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