Birthdays; prep for moving; responses to translated verses on social media (The Prices Write, April 2022)

In March we celebrated birthdays with Elizabeth (27), Pamala, Jonathan (30) and Daniel (14).

This month we are finishing the painting of the house in Belton and moving some things over, so in May we will move completely and no longer be renting each month in Independence, MO. Kirsten is looking forward to moving out on her own after May graduation.

Luke & 50 chronological Bible stories in the Bayash, Gurbet, Arli and Chergash languages

Not long ago I heard an encouraging update about how the Lord is using what we have translated:

“One of our translators, Goran, started posting Bible verses on social media in Gurbet and other Romani dialects, at our supervisor’s (Pierre’s) suggestion. After a while, he began to receive feedback from his followers on Facebook who encouraged him to continue with the posting of the verses on social media. Here are some examples: MW is a German woman who is married to a Roma husband and she is learning the Roma language. After she had read a few verses on Facebook, she let him know how much she likes to read God’s word in the Romani language. This encouraged Goran a lot and he posted Luke 13:34 on her wall. This post had 385 viewers and a lot of positive reviews. Around [last] Christmas time MW visited Serbia and Goran [was able to] give her copies of the 50 Bible Stories and Luke’s Gospel in the Gurbet and Arli dialects.

Another brother from Serbia, NN, visited Germany at the end of November. In Kaiserslautern he had fellowship with brothers of the Bulgarian Roma church. He gave a copy of the 50 Bible Stories to one brother (in the Gurbet dialect) who started to read it. Everyone could see that he did it with so much joy… So, at N’s urging he read from it while N recorded him on video which he later posted on Facebook. This post received more than 300 views. Some time ago N called Goran to request from him the rest of the Gospels. They have not been translated yet, but we are glad that in the near future the translation of the New Testament will continue, and with the Lord’s grace, Goran will one day be able to present N with the other Gospels, too.” (Note: Many Roma are being reached wherever they live or are temporarily working in other countries in Europe.)

Thank you so much for praying for us as a family and for our work to translate the Bible into Roma languages!

Todd & Pamala Price
(Kirsten, Daniel & Ariela)

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