Our daily prayer calendar for March 2022 (The Prices Write)

“I am praying to you because I know you will answer, O God.
Bend down and listen as I pray.”
(Ps. 17:6 NLT)

March 1 Today is Elizabeth’s 27th birthday! Pray for a better (safer) job, for a good church home & for spiritual growth daily

March 2 Today is Pam’s birthday! She praises God for His kindness, daily grace & joy, and for a loving family

March 3 The car Kirsten uses & Daniel will later use needs a new transmission & engine; pray for successful repairs in a timely fashion

March 4 Pray for successful audio recording of Luke & Bible stories in the Ludari language

March 5 Pray we can get another car (low mileage) for Todd to use (including trips to Oklahoma City to visit his mom)

March 6 Pray for Todd giving a missions update at Heartland Church, Blue Springs, MO, this morning

March 7 Pray for graphic artists doing the layout for Bible stories and Luke in the Ludari language, for accuracy & to finish soon

March 8 Pray for Todd doing reading & training to be recognized as a translation consultant, that he will be certified soon

March 9 Pray for Pam leading a women’s Bible study Wednesdays at our church

March 10 Pray for Todd uploading the Ludari translation to our website & making videos for YouTube of the audio files

March 11 Pray for Sasha as he oversees the Roma Bible translation work taking place in Croatia & Serbia

March 12 Pray for efficiency as we paint the inside of our house & finish out Daniel’s bedroom & the sun porch

March 13 Praise God for the Bible translation formatting work that Joy Hill did remotely from Australia

March 14 Pray for Kirsten for good mental health, perseverance in school & faith to believe the Scriptures

March 15 Pray that The Word for the World can establish their office & infrastructure for beginning translation work in Croatia & Serbia

March 16 Pray for Todd leading a men’s Bible Wednesdays at our church

March 17 Pray for Gurbet translation team to work well together; for progress on drafting books of OT & beginning their Diploma in Bible Translation

March 18 Pray for resolution in our favor of outstanding hospital bills from Matthew’s accident & hospital bills from Jan. & Feb. 2020

March 19 Today is Jonathan’s 30th birthday! Pray God will show Himself to him by providing a great job, wrist healing & faith in Jesus

March 20 Today is Daniel’s 14th birthday! Pray he will serve others through his skills & to have a growing spiritual appetite; praise for his good learning

March 21 Pray for Timothy to continue to grow spiritually, be a hard worker and help others diligently

March 22 Pray that God will provide $570 in monthly financial pledges which we currently lack

March 23 Pray for genuine new birth in Christ for all our loved ones who still need to come to know Him

March 24 Pray for 2 or 3 needed translators for the Bayash language so we can translate more of New Testament in that language

March 25 Pray for wisdom & strength for Pam home schooling the kids & helping her mom, as well as painting interior of our house

March 26 Pray for wisdom for Pierre who lives in Slovakia, project coordinator for phase 2 of the NT translation project

March 27 Pray for our children to be fed daily from the Scriptures & intentionally train themselves to be godly

March 28 Pray for daily wisdom as Todd checks the Roma translation drafts for Gospel of Matthew

March 29 Pray for God to work mightily in the Roma village in Slavonski Brod thru colleagues Andy, Lim, Sergej & Željka

March 30 Pray for 2 or 3 needed translators for the Ludari language so we can translate more of New Testament in that language

March 31 Pray that many Roma would listen to and/or read our Bible translations online & in print & for lives to be transformed

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