New home for Todd’s mom

Todd’s Mom moving into her new room at the nursing home in Oklahoma City

Thank you so much for your prayers for God to provide an opening at a nursing home so that my (Todd’s) mom could move in. He answered more quickly than we had expected and we moved her last week! A nursing home in Oklahoma City just re-opened under new management and my mom was the very first resident to move in.

Thanks to my sister, Tracey, for all her work finding the facility and setting up the room. Timothy and I took a quick trip to Oklahoma City to get her moved in.

Timothy was a big help moving furniture to Mom’s new place
They welcomed her, the one and only resident, with open arms, cake and ice cream!

We are so grateful that Mom was feeling well the day we needed to move her and that she took the move very well. We would appreciate prayer for her that she will adjust well to the nursing home and not feel confused or lonely, and that she will quickly get approved for Medicaid to pay for the nursing home since she is currently paying out of pocket.

Please pray also for Tracey, Pamala and me, as we will be selling things from the house and getting it ready to return to the bank, as soon as possible. We will be in Oklahoma City soon to begin the process of clearing, selling, donating, storing and disposing of things from the house. Please pray for stamina for this work and much wisdom in the 100s of decisions.

(Also, if you live in Oklahoma City and would like to visit Mom, please message me directly and I will send you her address.)

Thank you for your prayers.



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