Pam’s surgery recovery; checking Luke in Ludari and Jeremiah in Eastern Slovakian Roma

He is risen! It was wonderful to celebrate Easter here in the States this year.
You’re never too old for a chocolate, peanut-butter-filled Easter bunny (duly hidden in the backyard by dad).

Thank you for praying for Pamala’s hysterectomy recovery. While she still needs to rest and take it easy, everything is going extremely well. We thank the Lord that there were no complications and that healing is moving along well! We’re also grateful for the wonderful meals brought over and restaurant gift cards during her convalescence. Please pray for safety and complete healing, especially as we need to take a few unexpected road trips to help clear out Todd’s mom’s house in Oklahoma City.

Daniel (13) has become quite the skilled knife maker. He has made several and here is his most recent handmade creation!
Two cute Easter bunnies! (Ariela 9, Elizabeth 26)

This week, I (Todd) am meeting via Zoom with our Bible translation consultant and the translators in Croatia, as we check and edit each verse in Luke in the Ludari language, currently in chapter 8. Please pray for God’s Spirit to work in and through us to produce a clear and accurate translation, without mistakes and in wording that communicates well to the Ludari Roma who live in Croatia and beyond.

As part of my training to become a Bible translation consultant myself, in preparation for phase 2 of our Roma Bible translation projects, for the next two weeks I am observing the team with The Word for the World as they check and edit Jeremiah in the Eastern Slovakian Roma language, currently working in chapter 31. These are early morning meetings for me, since I’m in the US but the others are in Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thank God for the wonders of Zoom and Skype! Please pray for stamina for the team, and for an accurate, natural-sounding and clearly understandable translation of Jeremiah for the Roma who live in eastern Slovakia.

Thank you for your prayers and kind financial support so we can serve by helping get God’s Word translated into these half dozen languages spoken by Roma in central and eastern Europe.

To God be the glory!


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