Our new prayer card; please pray for the health of our translators

We have a new prayer card. Thanks to Matthew for taking the photo and designing the card (www.mattprice.design).

We’re thankful for the great work that Matthew did in making our new prayer card!

Here are some updated prayer requests:

  1. Pray for one of our translators, Nedeljko, who is in great danger of kidney failure. He has had kidney issues for a long time, but they have gotten much worse. He is out of the country working at the moment and cannot get into the hospital back in Croatia for an appointment (due to things being backed up with COVID) until next month. He is in need not only of dialysis but of a kidney transplant.
  2. Our two translators who contracted COVID are finally over it after being quite sick for a while. The husband was able to go back to the village in Serbia for a visit and finish testing out the rest of Luke in the Chergash language.
  3. We praise God that the rest of the Gospel of Luke has been tested and we have gotten feedback, for the Gurbet and Chergash languages. Most of Luke has also been used in testing for Bayash and Arli. These are very important milestones as we continue our work on Luke and get closer to finishing in these four languages.
  4. Also, our translators have made audio recordings of Luke 1-8 in Gurbet and of Luke 1-16 in Arli. This is another big milestone as we believe that the best way to share Luke in these languages, among the Roma who are not big readers, is by audio (through apps, on our website, and on YouTube.
  5. We praise God that Daniel has been accepted onto the waiting list for orthodontic care at a greatly reduced price through an organization that coordinates with local orthodontists who provide their services pretty much pro bono. The problem is that the average wait time is 3 years. Please pray that Daniel could get in much sooner than that in order to start the process of getting braces.
Saša recording Luke in the Arli language
Celebrating Timothy’s 30th birthday together!
Nothing beats a tea party with Mommy!
Hard at work home schooling

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