2 out of 3 vehicle needs met!

Just a quick update on our vehicle needs. Thank you all for praying. 1) As I mentioned in the previous update, a car has been given to us by friends, and we are so thankful. It has helped us through a very tight spot and will be a fantastic second card for our family, especially as Kirsten learns to drive and commutes to school and a job. 2) Another friend has decided to donate a pickup truck to Matthew! Our friend will do some work to get it ready, and then we will go to Freeport, Illinois, to pick it up, and Matthew will drive it home. Praise God! 3) One of our supporting churches is sending $5,000 toward our van need. Praise God for the generosity of God’s people. Please pray for wisdom whether we should use those funds to repair our current, older van, or for God’s provision of remaining funds so we can buy a replacement van.

Thank you all for praying.

The truck being donated to Matthew!

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