Update on car needs, housing provision and Matthew’s nerve surgery options

  • Thank you all for praying for us. Last night I sent out an SOS prayer request about our need for vehicles. Less than 18 hours later, we were driving a car that is being given to us, and were able to return the rental van with before being charged for extra time usage! The Lord provides (Yahweh Yireh)! Very kind friends, who used to teach Daniel and Ariela in AWANA on our 2015 furlough, are giving us this car which we can use as our second car. We will use it for Kirsten to learn to drive and get to college classes and a job this Fall. Praise God for His provision and for the kindness of the Body of Christ.
2004 VW Jetta, with 189k miles just given to us, PTL!
  • A missionary friend put us in touch with a mechanic who is willing to look at our van and can probably repair it for much less than we have been quoted. Pray for wisdom whether it is best to repair the van, for ability for the mechanic to repair it less expensively, or for provision of a different van. (The ones we have priced so far are too expensive.)
  • That same friend gave us leads on a couple cars which might be possibilities for Matthew. Please continue to pray for an expensive, reliable car that Matthew can buy very soon.
Ariela enjoying time with her big brother, Matthew. They built this castle while we were staying at the guesthouse.
  • Matthew had a video appointment with the surgeon in San Francisco and heard most of the results of his neurogram. The neurogram confirmed that at least three of the nerve roots were completely torn from the spinal cord and that two others were damaged. Matthew has decided to have surgery to transfer some intercostal nerves and the spinal accessory nerve which, if successful, would grow to provide some movement for the deltoid and shoulder. July 18 marks the end of the six-month window in which nerve surgery should ideally be done. Matthew has sent in a request to the surgeon at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to perform the surgery, and a backup request to the surgeon in San Francisco in case UW-Madison is not available in time. Please pray for the Lord’s will and that Matthew can have the nerve transfer surgery very soon.
Some of the very gracious saints who helped us move
House we are renting in Independence (KC, MO)
  • We are so thankful for a place to live. The $1/month house did not materialize, so we are renting a house for a year and our new address is 1803 S. Hawthorne Ave., Independence, MO 64052. We are grateful for all those from our home church who donated furniture to set up the house and helped us move.
Ariela with a smile in spite of 4 stitches after a bad fall
Ariela enjoying time with her cousin watching the ducks
Daniel having a great time skipping rocks with his cousin
  • Please continue to pray for Pamala as she continues to unpack and set up house.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support.


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