Pray for Matthew’s doctors

Matthew’s pain was lower last night but has been very high today. They are starting him on a different medication and adding a long-lasting pain patch.

The doctors came by this morning and spoke with Matthew. They told him that some more muscle tissue might also have died, but on the other side of his forearm. The doctors are not sure at this point what the next best step is for his arm. They will be doing more research and consulting with others and should have more information by Monday. There is no plan for discharge yet.

The occupational therapists put his splint back on and made some adjustments to prevent pressure wounds which he as having before. That is good in the sense that it helps keep his fingers in a better position for future flexion, but bad in the sense that it always seems to cause his pain to spike when they put the splint back on.

I got a hotel last night, which was relaxing. I’m thankful for our missionary friend who added us to his special rate discount account, so I was able to stay at a nice place. For the next three nights, I will have a different hotel, this time near the airport, using these good rates. After that, the church cottage where Pam and the kids and I stayed before is open again. God’s timing was perfect on that: I was just wondering what to do because all the hotel rates jump really high on Monday due to some convention in town. But then I got a text from Pastor John asking if he could come to the hospital to visit. When I met up with him, he mentioned that the church cottage is available again … you guessed it, on Monday, the day I need it. It is available for nine days, which is wonderful news. Hopefully, by then, March 4, Matthew will be discharged, and we can relocate to stay with friends in Walnut Creek, where Elizabeth and I stayed before.

Some of you have asked if there is a way to give by check, rather than to give through GoFundMe by credit card. If you want to do this, checks can be made out to Todd Price, and I can let you know the address to mail it to. Giving by check would allow us to receive 100% of the money since no admin fees would be taken out.

Pam and the kids are in the throes of jet lag with a crazy sleeping schedule, but otherwise are doing very well. They are all excited about attending the SHARE Family Education Conference in Hungary next week. I’m so happy for Pam since she will have that week with very understanding friends and loving colleagues with sympathetic listening ears.

I am thinking more about the Bible translation projects back in Croatia and Serbia, and the best way to keep those translations move forward while I am away from the field. We have 11 Roma who are translating and they continue to make their rough drafts, but I have not had a chance to edit or check their translation drafts for quite some time. Also, I need to meet with the translation consultant and the Seed Company staff for advice on how to move forward with translating. Please pray for much wisdom and the Lord’s provision.

Pam and I also need wisdom about when she and the kids should come back to the States. She will begin packing up next week after the conference. Wisdom is needed whether to fly back to the States during or after Kirsten’s Spring Break, and all the logistics for those travels for Pam, Daniel, Ariela, and Kirsten.

Thank you for your prayers,

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