Matthew’s skin graft surgery went well

Thank you for praying for Matthew. His skin graft surgery went well. They took skin grafts from each of his upper thighs to cover the wounds on his left arm. They will check the graft in five days to see if it is taking. Please pray that the skin graft, the chyle leak near his collar bone, the broken rib, the neck vertebra, and the pinched nerves in his right arm will heal well and that he can be discharged from the hospital, hopefully in a couple of weeks.

Pamala, Daniel and Ariela will be leaving Zagreb, Croatia, in several hours to fly to San Francisco to join Todd to be with Matthew. Please pray for the flights to go well, for them to make the connections, for the luggage to come through, for the kids to do well, and for Pamala to get good rest.

Please also pray for Matthew and the medical team to have much wisdom about the best treatment path for Matthew. Pray about the possibility of getting an orthosis or motorized brace for his left arm to provide some functionality. Pray for grace and peace for all the changes Matthew is having to deal with.

Pray we can get the full accident report from the police soon. Pray as a lawyer looks over the report. Pray for the vehicle insurance to pay out for his medical expenses.

We are blessed to have you as friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.
Thank you,

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