A message from Matthew himself

Matthew himself wrote this last night (Thursday evening, California time). He will have the skin graft surgery in about 15 minutes.
“Life update from San Francisco, Ca. I talked to my doctor about my left arm this evening. I am in the right place and have an incredible team. I am accepting that my left arm will never be the same as before my accident. I am in a challenging position and extremely blessed to be alive. Within 2 months we can find out a lot. I am taking the first steps on a long road to recovery. Lord willing tomorrow morning I will have a skin graft surgery. Thank you so much, you are the true meaning of family and friends ❤️”

One thought on “A message from Matthew himself

  1. Love you so so much Matthew! So glad you are here on this planet! I’m acutely aware of the injuries you sustained and the challenges you face. And also acutely aware of the importance of a strong support system and a positive attitude, both of which you have in spades. Tons of critical research support these findings; there is chapter after chapter in my nursing textbooks and I see it everyday in my clinical rotations. You amaze us all with your positive outlook and sweet attitude. They will serve you well from here on out. We pray for you and the medical team that surrounds you, every day. We know things will get better, improvements will be made, and we are here to lift you up on the not so great days. I’m so very sorry this happened and for the challenges you face. I’m so hopeful for your future. It is bright. Wish I could give you a big ol’ hug.
    xoxo Tracey

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