Update on Matthew’s condition

Matthew’s MRI on his neck showed more damage than they initially thought, and there is a possibility that he will have to have surgery to stabilize it.

Also, he cannot raise his right hand very far and has trouble with movement, so they are wondering if he has a rotator cuff injury on that arm. They are still waiting to get the results of the MRI, which they did on that shoulder yesterday.
His left arm is still warm and is maintaining a good pulse but is very swollen, and the fingers are blistering. He still is very swollen and needs to be able to get rid of a lot of excess fluid.

A big concern now is that he is showing symptoms of a concussion. Though he talks a lot, he is very “loopy,” and his thoughts are perplexed. We are concerned that there may be head or brain injury.

He can eat solid foods and today had a regular lunch and supper of solid foods. But it is hospital food, so he is craving Nutella and peanut butter. When Elizabeth was getting ready to go to the store and asked him what his favorite food was, he asked if it would be too much trouble if mom mailed him some of her meatloaf. 🙂

Jonathan was coming down with a sore throat and did not want to risk getting Matthew sick, so he has been home resting. He has been working so hard to take care of Matthew, and he is exhausted and needs to rest.

We saw the police blotter of the accident and now have some information, although it is still very unclear what happened and how. At 5:58 pm, Saturday, January 18, a witness called 911 to report the accident on Highway 24 in Walnut Creek, CA. Witnesses say that Matthew flew off the motorcycle and then the motorcycle went across two lanes where a car hit and ran over the motorcycle (not Matthew). We understand that Matthew hit the guard rail or wall on the left shoulder of the highway but we don’t know if that is when he was thrown from the bike or if that happened first. A good Samaritan who had medical training stopped at the accident.

We are still amazed that his life was spared. His left arm was essentially torn from his body, but was held on by the skin and shoulder blade. His body has suffered severe trauma with broken bones, road burn, and bruising. Unfortunately, the full extent of the injuries are not yet known since so far the focus has just been on saving Matthew’s life, and then saving Matthew’s arm. We have no idea what lies ahead but it appears that it will be a very long and hard one for Matthew.

He probably has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and much anxiety in addition to the physical injuries. We are also very concerned about the consequences of the concussion and about possible brain injury.

Please pray that the Lord would have mercy on Matthew and us and that:
Matthew would have no lasting brain or head injury

That his broken neck, rib, upper arm, should blade, and AC joint will be healed

That he will be able to urinate off the huge amount of fluids that his body is retaining
That he would be able to understand what is happening and have God’s comfort and reassurance

For Jonathan to quickly get over his cold, get the rest he needs, and be able to determine when he needs to return to work,

For comfort for Pamala, Timothy, Stephen, Kirsten, Daniel, and Ariela who are far away and unable to help in person.

That we will be able to get the insurance help and legal counsel that we need.

Thank you for your prayers,

Todd for all of Matthew’s family

3 thoughts on “Update on Matthew’s condition

  1.  Be assured of my prayers for Matthew, Todd and Pam and all affected by this very sad event. May the Father of our Lord Jesus, who loves His children as much as He loves His Son, comfort and strengthen you richly, and may He be gracious to His precious and treasured child, Matthew.

    Love Marinda de Villiers Donvale Presbyterian Church Australia (I know of your Bible translation work through Joy Hill, and have been praying for the Roma people over the years)


  2. i attend Metropolitan Bible Church, formerly Metropolitan Bible Church, in Oklahoma City. Pamala shared about your ministry several years ago at our Misions conference with our Awana children and did a great job. I am praying for you all.
    Georganne Thomas

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