Matthew is breathing on his own and talking to us

Matthew’s surgery on his arm went very well, just as planned. They were able to relocate and reset the bone and fixate it with a plate and screws. Thankfully his arm ligaments allowed them enough give to stretch and get the bone back into position.

The arm tissue is doing well, with good color and a strong pulse at his wrist. Unfortunately, it looks like he will lose his fingertips on that hand.

They took out the breathing tube so now he can breathe on his own, and he is so happy to breathe on his own and to be able to talk finally. He said he never appreciated breathing before! And he said that water never tasted so good. When I was giving him ice chips, he said, “Dad, I wish you could taste water when it is this good.”

He’s still a little foggy from medication, but very alert and witty–our typical sweet Matthew with his quick wit and very polite manners. I don’t how many times in the last hour he has thanked me for everything. He is so grateful for all Jonathan and Elizabeth have done.

In about half an hour he will have the MRI they have wanted to do to assess his broken vertebra.

A big issue now is for him to be able to get rid of all the excess fluids built up in his swollen body. Thankfully his vitals are good.

We are so thankful to the Lord and to all of you who have been praying! I cannot tell you the relief when he looked up at me and said, “Hey, Dad.” To hear his voice was like getting him back from the dead. Pam was able to video chat with him and talk to him for a minute before the nurses needed to clean him up a bit. What joy that brought to her mommy heart!

We will keep you posted on how things go with the MRI and the next steps.
We are so grateful for the Lord’s mercies to us.

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