Matthew able to have neck collar removed; MRI shows no physical brain injury

Matthew’s neck is doing so much better that they took off his neck collar. This is great and makes things much more comfortable for drinking and eating.

The MRI scan showed no brain hemorrhaging or any visible damage to the brain. We are so glad to hear that!

He is still very loopy as a result of all the medication and lack of sleep. Please pray for him to be able to sleep. As far as we know, he has only slept a couple of hours in the last two days. Tonight they have given him more melatonin, so please pray that he will sleep.

He tried eating solid food, which went okay for a while, but then he did vomit. Now they have him on softer foods which he is keeping down. He got to have a cup of coffee at lunch and tea a supper.

Friends from his work drove over an hour to get here and came to wish him well and bring him Nutella! He enjoyed that.

We got to have a family video chat with him with everyone in the family except Kirsten since it was after 11 pm Europe time. Matthew was talkative, and I know everyone enjoyed seeing him and talking with him.

Let me tell you a very encouraging God-act: My rental car needed to be returned to San Francisco, which is 40+ minutes away, and I was going to need to leave the hospital to take it back. I knew we would need to borrow a car to replace that so I texted a friend of a friend who had mentioned the possibility of having a car to loan. Fifteen minutes later, that person, whom I had never laid eyes on before, showed up at ICU. When I said, “That was fast!” he didn’t know what I meant. He had not seen the text. Rather where they go to church is part of the way to the hospital from where they live, so they decided they would just come to visit us, even though they had not heard a response from me. It turns out that they showed up right at the time I needed it since I was just going to leave to return the rental car. After thinking through the options for getting another car, they offered to extend my car rental for another two weeks and handed me a check to cover the cost!

Please pray for us and for legal counsel since there are some issues we need to investigate and the outcome could be very important.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

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