Matthew to have surgery tomorrow

Thank you for praying for Matthew. He is stable and, at the moment, is resting well. His blood pressure and breathing are good, as well as his other vital signs. The doctors decided not to remove his ventilator yet. He is very heavily sedated and is on strong pain medication.

Tomorrow he will have surgery to put a plate in to repair the break in his upper left arm. They have decided not to do an MRI on the broken vertebra in his neck since they would have to turn him on his stomach, which could injure his arm and because at this point, the vertebra might heal on its own without surgery. His broken rib should also heal on its own without surgery.

They are keeping his left arm warm. There is good blood flow in and out as well as a pulse to his forearm. There is still some danger of him losing his fingertips.

We finally found out yesterday where his motorcycle is. It had been towed from the scene and impounded. Jonathan went there to take photos and to pay off the $500 charge for towing and keeping the motorcycle minus the value of what is left of the bike. It is completely totaled: broken headlight, broken handlebar, gas tank knocked off and dented, seat knocked off, flat tire, and other extensive damage everywhere to the bike. 

Jonathan also has Matthew’s helmet and boots, which are badly scraped and his body armor jacket, which is shredded.

The police report is not completed yet, as they do not seem to have much information on what happened. Matthew is not able to communicate with us at this point. We do not know what happened from his perspective. He is conscious and very interactive when he is awake, but because of the ventilator, he cannot talk. His hands are too swollen to hold a pen or push a keypad. His head is in a collar, so it is difficult for him to see the paper or iPad.

We are trying to find out about his motorcycle insurance. We cannot get into his phone for message, texts or e-mail messages to find out which company he was insured with and he is not able to communicate his phone passcode to us. Jonathan is checking with the DMV to try to get that information.

These posts, as well as other updates from other family members, are on his Caring Bridge web page: (

Matthew’s GoFundMe campaign is already at 80%, for which we are so thankful. If you would like to help, please go to

Todd for Pamala, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Timothy, Kirsten, Daniel and Ariela

P.S. I just spoke with the orthopedic surgeon. Tomorrow, Friday, 1/24, around 10:30 a.m. California time, he will take Matthew into surgery, where they will put a plate in the upper arm to repair the broken humerus. They will also clean out the wounds and replace the wound VAC (which has to be done every few days).

Please pray for no complications in the surgery and that repositioning the broken bone will not damage the ligaments or any other part of his injury. He also broke his scapula and displaced his shoulder, although those should heal without surgery.

He is still retaining way too much fluid. They will be giving him diuretics, and we should pray he will be able to urinate out a large amount of fluids to help with the swelling.

As always, please pray for no infection and for his arm to continue to get good supply and for no muscle or tissue death.

Thank you for praying.

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