Matthew is doing better. Progress on his arm

Matthew’s condition has improved. This morning, the trauma surgeon installed a wound VAC (vacuum-assisted closure) on his left arm so that his open wounds are now sealed and will be automatically flushed. His left arm looks much better than before. He has inflow and outflow of blood to his forearm, which he did not have earlier. The color of his hand is much better and is warmer to the touch.

He is heavily sedated, and we cannot communicate very well with him since he is on a ventilator and cannot talk. Hopefully, they will take the breathing tube out tomorrow. Today the goal is for him to rest. They need to continue to closely monitor his blood pressure and blood counts as well as other vitals, including the effect so far on his kidneys. They seem to have now found a sweet spot to minimize his pain for the moment without compromising his blood pressure. 

The broken rib should heal on its own. He is still in a collar because of the fractured vertebra. They will attempt an MRI tomorrow to assess the damage to his neck.

There is still the question of whether his arm can be saved, but it is looking better. However, much wisdom is needed regarding potential future surgery for nerve reimplementation since he has no feeling or movement in his left arm. We need wisdom and open doors for potentially moving him to a specialty clinic for nerve repair after he is stable.

I have set up a Caring Bridge web page ( as a central location for posting updates about Matthew’s condition. 

We are grateful for all the donations to Matthew’s GoFundMe account. If you would like to help, please go to



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